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Bad in a sentence

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Synonym: evilunfavorablewrongAntonym: goodSimilar words: badlya bad eggMeaning: [bæd] n. that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency. adj. 1. having undesirable or negative qualities 2. very intense 3. feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad') 4. (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition 5. feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone 6. not capable of being collected 7. below average in quality or performance 8. nonstandard 9. not financially safe or secure 10. physically unsound or diseased 11. capable of harming 12. characterized by wickedness or immorality 13. reproduced fraudulently 14. not working properly. adv. 1. with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly') 2. very much; strongly. 
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1. He that spares the bad injures the good. 
2. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper. 
3. Almost any situation---good or bad ---is affected by the attitude we bring to. 
4. Behind bad luck comes good luck. 
5. Bad workmen often blame their tools. 
6. A bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept. 
7. A good horse cannot be of a bad colour. 
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8. Many a good cow hath a bad calf. 
9. Praise makes good men better, and bad men worse. 
10. If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers. Charles Dickens 
11. It is better to be alone than in bad company. George Washington 
12. A bad penny always turns up. 
13. A bad padlock invites a picklock. 
14. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. 
15. Every form of addiction is bad,( no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. 
16. Money is a good servant, but a bad master. 
17. No man ever became thoroughly bad all at once. 
18. A bad conscience is a snake in one's heart. 
19. Fire and water are good servants, but bad masters. 
20. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 
21. No man ever became thoroughly bad at once. 
22. There's no such thing as bad publicity. 
23. A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 
24. Make the best of a bad business (or job or bargain). 
25. Money is neither good nor bad, but all depends on what use is made of it. 
26. A good reputation sits still; a bad one runs about. 
27. In almost every face and every person, they may discover fine feathers and defects, good and bad qualities. 
28. Of earthly goods the best is a good wifeA bad the bitterest curse of human life. 
29. See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck; see a pin and let it lie, bad luck you'll have all day. 
30. Good for good every man can do, good for bad only a noble man can do. 
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