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Garbled in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2016-12-14
Similar words: garblemarblegarbagegabledtroubleddisableddouble-dealingnearbyMeaning: ['gɑrbl /'gɑːbl] adj. lacking orderly continuity. random good picture
(1) There was a garbled message from her on my answering machine.
(2) He left a rather garbled message on my answerphone.
(3) The papers had some garbled version of the story.
(4) He gave a garbled account of what had happened.
(5) He gave a garbled account of the meeting.
(6) The Coastguard needs to decipher garbled messages in a few minutes.
(7) The inherited mythology is garbled(Sentencedict), and its guiding value lost or misconstrued.
(8) The voice on the tape was too garbled to understand.
(9) The newspapers had some garbled version of the story.
(10) There were a few more garbled words, part of an argument, then a loud noise and a scream.
(11) The account appears in garbled form in the New Testament.
(12) Foreign newspapers gave a garbled account of the President's speech.
(13) Thus, plaintext is now garbled ciphertext.
(14) A computer description of a garbled or otherwise unintelligible sequence of signals or other data.
(15) The nervous man gave a garbled account of the accident.
(16) Play online games frequently out garbled Korea, himself wrote a months use.
(17) The injured man was still groggy and could only give a garbled account of the accident.
(18) During the Renaissance, for example, it surfaced repeatedly albeit in somewhat garbled form.
(19) She wanted more than the two dimensions of pretty pictures, more than the garbled pidgin of kitchen natives.
(20) It was the peculiar accent that puzzled me before; it made Alice's words sound garbled, nonsensical.
(21) Rachel was not an easy person to go to with such a strange and garbled fear.
(22) Two quite different events, occurring some seventy years apart, appear to have been garbled or telescoped in this passage.
(23) Pick two from the same area and they can become garbled.
(24) But pages 4 through 67 of the otherwise slick magazine, including the bomb-making instructions, were garbled as a result of the British cyber-attack.
(25) Harvard University's homepage was hacked on Monday morning, and visitors to the site were greeted with the garbled message "SyRiAn ELeCTronic ArMy WeRe HeRE," reports BBC News.
(26) One of my clients have said that they had problems with the computer, QQ is the garbled message.
(27) Make a slight modification to solve the reception problem of garbled data.
(28) There are many other interesting words — adobe, crocus, genie, and popinjay, for example — that are all more or less garbled versions of Arabic words.
(29) Web site to remove some anti - reprint articles garbled interference.
(30) The solution is to restart your computer, open the distortion this document, garbled disappear.
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