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Faceted in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-08-16Updated:2017-08-16
Similar words: multifacetedsurface tensionface to facefacetfacetiousface the musicfacetiouslysurface-to-air missileMeaning: ['fæsɪt] adj. having facets. random good picture
1 The skill with which he faceted the great diamond is remarkable.
2 In taking isolates from the literature, faceted classification rests firmly on literary warrant.
3 The making of a faceted classification scheme is a six-stage process: 1.
4 Of course, in both enumerative and faceted schemes, it is necessary to take cognizance of new simple subjects.
5 These two methods, faceted classification and enumerative classification, are introduced in the next two sections.
6 Faceted clear crystal crescent desk clock; moveable clock; Swiss precision clock movement.
7 Juxtaposing faceted semi precious stones, gold and gunmetal chains with cords and the signature BEX ROX magnetic clasps - BEX ROX is playfully sexy, decadent and timeless.
8 With a faceted design philosophy, the Zizm watch forgoes curves for hard lines and edges that are at once modern and masculine, sharp and futuristic.
9 Puck and helmet in faceted clear crystal with rhodium - plated hockey stick.
10 Faceted navigation supports this style of querying very well, which is another reason why it is widely used in catalog searching on e-commerce sites.
11 Helmet and football in faceted clear crystal with rhodium - plated accents.
12 Rhodium - plated set with trainers and faceted clear crystal basketball.
13 In faceted and unfaceted Silver Shade crystal,( the tiger's eyes gleam in Moroda Sahara crystal.
14 Set Solid - Changes the selected faces to faceted or flat shading.
15 The paper proposed a new digitized faceted classification model based on dynamic weight value which is originated from classify faceted classification model.
16 Facet analysis underlies the structure, but is not emphasized by facet indicators as in a more conventional faceted classification scheme.
17 This process of analysis into facets is called facet analysis, and the resultant classification is termed a faceted classification.
18 A minor effect of wind erosion is the formation of faceted and polished pebbles.
19 It is found predominately in female graves, either rough or faceted and polished, pierced and worn as beads.
20 This will be appropriate for simple subjects in a faceted classification scheme.
21 Most current special classification schemes have been devised with the aid of facet analysis and are thus faceted classification schemes.
22 Rhodium - plated , french earwire , pierced earrings with bezel - set , faceted Metallic Blue crystal.
23 This paper give an improved algorithm which based on path containment matching algorithm and combined with the features of faceted classification scheme and the theory of tree matching.
24 A form of gem cut marked by a flat base and a faceted , hemispheric upper surface.
25 It is a viable and effective alternative to petrolatum and other single faceted functional additives.
26 It's claimed that a round tool cannot produce as dark a stipple as a faceted one, as it's more difficult for light to reflect from a tiny cavity which has flat walls.
27 Foremost among Barth's concerns, Hungerford argues, is the multi - faceted relationship between language and love.
28 Black calfskin leather bracelet with Jet , Jet Mat and Jet Hematite Crystal Mesh ; faceted ruthenium - plated buckle.
29 It must be noted that the Raman intensity (background) increases strongly due to the morphological change from faceted to ballas diamond.
30 The third one proposes a new method of component classification based on faceted classification.
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