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Decadent in a sentence

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Synonym: effeteSimilar words: decadefacadeacademicdecaffeinatedschadenfreudedecentdentistincidentMeaning: ['dekədənt] n. a person who has fallen into a decadent state (morally or artistically). adj. marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay. 
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1. Without your betrayal, how will I have now decadent.
2. Don't let decadent ideas eat into yourselves.
3. There was something very decadent about filling ourselves with so much rich food.
4. Pop music was condemned as decadent and crude.
5. I started to feel a revulsion against their decadent lifestyle.
6. Surely only the most decadent of aristocrats would make a play for another woman while his wife was in the same room.
7. It was decadent and utopian, pure and corrupt.
8. Limousines slid across the asphalt, decadent thrill-seekers cringing behind their curtained windows.
9. Could one call it decadent or effete?
10. Fries and slaw, plus decadent garlic butter sauce, also accompany the more than a dozen charbroiled items.
11. Casinos sound such arbitrary and decadent places; nobody would want their economy's fate to be determined in one.
12. This decadent body lotion, with its spicy flower aroma, demands to be smothered over skin coming out of winter hibernation.
13. A spoon of decadent caviar dresses up the dish.
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14. Suddenly I was aware that my decadent bath had gone cold and the church bells were clanging the faithful to evensong.
15. Pop music has been condemned as decadent and crude.
16. They were a bad influence, Paquita said: a decadent life and no ambition.
17. It was a deliciously decadent daydream which stirred the blood, sending adrenalin pumping through his system.
18. After which they would inveigh against them as decadent while ordering more of the same for their next well-attended private screenings.
19. Eager to warm and hard to live the decadent, but ShuShouShuJiao everywhere incisively and vividly.
20. Something, perhaps, about colonial vigour providing a necessary stimulus to decadent metropolitan culture?
21. If there's one thing better than an icy plunge it's a decadent soak in a scented bath.
22. Heroes, by contrast, may not wear bow ties or neckties, both of which are symbols of the decadent West.
23. So with football and politics as the bread and circuses of our decadent empire - whither religion?
24. We spent the whole summer drinking, smoking and lying around. It must sound totally decadent.
25. State-owned television used a film of the episode to accuse conference participants of engaging in decadent activity.
26. Maybe not the first tour but by the second tour, I think it began to get decadent.
27. From time to time they lose patience and sweep aside decadent governments.
28. How many people does one suppose really are so vile, so unbalanced, so neurotic, so decadent as to do this?
29. What if I was a both pessimistic and optimistic, prodigal and stingy, emotional and conservative, lachrymose and decadent person?
30. Particularly it was now late autumn, saying: " In the dark green mountain algidity is deep, In the highly dense woods frost leaf is sparse. " All this increased my decadent feeling.
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