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Encephalic in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
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1. Conclusion:MRI diagnosis to encephalic sponginess angioma is superior to CT and DSA.
2. Methods:The findings of 35 cases of hyperacute encephalic infarctions were retrospectively analyzed.
3. But the YL-1 encephalic haematoma puncture needle may the rapid puncture drainage reduced pressure hematischesis, rescue the success ratio to increase
4. Encephalic tissues impedance is the main parameter of encephalic tissues electrical characteristics.
5. Materials and Methods:We collected 26 patients with encephalic sponginess angioma approved by postoperative pathology, all the patients were diagnosed by CT, MRI and DSA.
6. Objective:To study the encephalic protection mechanism of mild hypothermia.
7. The result shows the encephalic pathological tissues have effect on the scalp boundary nodes potential.
8. Objective: To explore the causes of encephalic infarction in the youngster.
9. Conclusion Swallowing center is distributed in multiple encephalic regions.
10. Results: The main causes of encephalic infarction in the youngster were hypertensive cerebral arteriosclerosis, cranium trauma, cerebral arteritis and drinking.
11. Objective:To inquire into the feature and diagnosis value of CT scanning in hyperacute encephalic infarction.
12. Results The observation showed that after the operation there were no encephalic infection(, no leakage of cerebrospinal and no epilepsy in all the clinical patients.
13. The positive rate of vascular murmur was 50% in the patients diagnosed as encephalic cerebral arterial stenosis with TCD.
14. Objective To summarize and analyze a new treatment technic of malignant encephalic glioma and its clinic curative effect.
15. Conclusion The research confirm that NA can inhibit erythrocyte aggregation, and can improve blood circulation of vertebra BA, and can improve encephalic condition of ischemia and oxygen-poor.
16. Conclusion Bunaozhengwei Capsule had the effect of alleviating encephaledema and cerebral index, bringing down penetration of encephalic blood vessel, delaying the formation of thrombus.
17. Aim: To investigate the effect of various intensity of encephalic electrical field stimulation on the contents of monoamines in the frontal lobe of rats with depression.
18. Objective:To investigate the guiding effects of cerebral CT manifestations on the diagnosis and treatment of child encephalic tuberculosis(CET).
19. Conclusions:The alerting network function of the controls maybe correlated with the encephalic region of right occipital lobe, cerebellum, right frontal lobe, brain stem and temporal lobe.
20. Results Orbit tumor of a 21 year old young lady extends the encephalic and endangers the olfactory nerve and optic chiasma, even cause olfaction and visual acuity to be declined.
21. It is valuable to lower the radiation, especially at the chest, paranasal sinus and child encephalic.
22. Objective: To probe into diagnostic value to nature and loality of encephalic sponginess angioma in CT, MRI and DSA.
23. Objective To investigate nosocomial infection ( NI ) in patients with encephalic hemorrhage.
24. Yesterday in the afternoon, doctor said that what phoenix orchis open skull bone fracture and the damage, the encephalic has the pneumatosis , now the condition is steady.
25. Objective and Method: 260 cases TIA in verte bralis-basilar artery were detected encephalic artery by TCD.
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