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Ekman in a sentence

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Similar words: workmanwalkmanmilkmanstockmanworkmanshipworkmanlikebank managerbrinkmanshipMeaning: n. Swedish oceanographer who recognized the role of the Coriolis effect on ocean currents (1874-1954). 
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1. Ekman defines a lie as having two essential characteristics: there must be a deliberate choice and intent to mislead, and there must be no notification that this is what is occurring.
2. It is the first time, as far as Ekman is aware, that a commercial TV drama has been based on the research of just one scientist.
3. Researcher Paul Ekman, author of Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics and Marriage, contends that the best lie detectors are trained eyes and ears.
4. A solution process of the equation of Ekman drift motion in infinite deep sea is given in this paper. Furthermore, the regularity of vertical distribution of drift velocity is discussed.
5. Ekman, incidentally, professes to be "a terrible liar", and observes that although some people are plainly more accomplished liars than others, he cannot teach anyone how to lie.
6. The effects of baroclinicity on the geostrophic momentum Ekman flow are investigated in this paper.
7. Suppose, Ekman posits, "my wife has been found murdered in our hotel.
8. According to cross-cultural studies by social psychologist Paul Ekman, the facial expressions are able to read your emotional expressions clearly.
9. Ekman concedes he was sceptical when the film and TV producer Brian Grazer (responsible for 24 and Frost/Nixon) first approached him with the idea of turning his life's work into a TV series.
10. Otherwise, Ekman summed up, users risk what he calls "Othello's error": "Othello read Desdemona's fear accurately.
11. Encouraged by these findings, Ekman then set out to organize a system by which he could codify the complex facial expressions of any given person.
12. According to Paul Ekman, an eminent researcher on deception, duping delight "is the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them."
13. Ekman learned that the human subjects he studied betrayed their emotional state through microexpressions, however much they tried to suppress them.
14. "What I didn't know at the beginning, " Ekman told me, "was you could train people to recognize these microexpressions in real time."
15. So Ekman sat and looked at the film. Nothing.
16. Ekman tells me, "Sometimes it's an emotion they know they're feeling and are deliberately trying to hide -- it could be embarrassment or something more sinister."
17. This is an important improvement for the prediction of wind field in the Ekman boucdary layer.
18. Making this argument, however, would require the support of expert witnesses like Frank or Ekman,( and that's not forthcoming.
19. The decay of spring warm pool is because of local strengthening upwelling and southeast Ekman currents.
20. "You could go online now [] and learn the microexpression recognition, which is one part, in an hour, " Ekman says.
21. Lightman is inspired by real-life lie detector, APS Charter Member and Fellow Paul Ekman, who has spent 50 years researching and characterizing facial expressions and body movements.
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