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Bookmaker in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-08-26Updated:2017-08-26
Synonym: bookieSimilar words: bookmarkmakerlawmakerpacemakerfilmmakermoneymakernoisemakermatchmakerMeaning: n. 1. a maker of books; someone who edits or publishes or binds books 2. a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races). random good picture
1, The bookmaker was quite happy to take his money.
2, The bookmaker told Kalra he had befriended Cronje and was planning to fix the matches scheduled to be held in March.
3, Six weeks ago one leading bookmaker stopped taking bets on Kenny Dalglish's multi-million pound outfit.
4, Albert's father was a bookmaker and they were partners in the business.
5, Ironically, that bookmaker, who traded from Easter Road,[] is not now active in the field.
6, Extension – the amount of money the bookmaker potentially will lose on a game.
7, Exposure – the amount of money the bookmaker actually stands to lose on a game.
8, Limit – the maximum amount a bookmaker will permit a bettor to wager on certain odds.
9, House – The slang term for the bookmaker (, sportsbook or betting establishment that offers betting lines.
10, John Lyall's team have such a commanding lead that at least one leading bookmaker is no longer taking bets on the race.
11, Freddie stood on the corner of the turning as lookout for Tommy Green the street bookmaker.
12, The only way you can place a cash bet is with a bookmaker on Saturday.
13, He was found guilty of six offences last month, including selling information to a bookmaker.
14, Fred Done and his company Betfred, the World's biggest independent bookmaker, have become United's official bookmaking and online gaming partner in a multi-million pound deal.
15, In fact, the behind s of each graduation design include the strenuous effort of bookmaker.
16, This type of bet is odds set by the bookmaker on unique and various topics.
17, The CDO simply reconciles these opposing bets, much as bookmaker would.
18, Figure – the amount owed to or by a bookmaker.
19, Buy Price – In Spread or Index betting , the higher figure quoted by an Index Bookmaker.
20, He was 19 when he became a shop manager at Ladbrokes bookmaker.
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