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Catatonic in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-05-21Updated:2017-05-21
Similar words: platonicmonotonictectonicgin and tonicneoplatonismplate tectonicssatanicatonMeaning: adj. characterized by catatonia especially either rigidity or extreme laxness of limbs. random good picture
1) Hadfield goes catatonic with terror, and is solicitously carried off to re-education in the jungle.
2) When he was stressed he fell into a catatonic state.
3) Not as catatonic as the viewers at home, I fear.
4) Some historians believe that Andrew fell into a catatonic state, was mistaken for dead, then buried.
5) Take the classic case, catatonic schizophrenia-okay?
6) Andrew was in a catatonic state for several months.
7) She was catatonic for over a year and did nothing to take care of the family.
8) They were catatonic with disgust.
9) Most in chronic period, simple type,( catatonic type and male patients.
10) We may be just short of catatonic when these several pages of visual oasis emerge from the vast internet sand dunes.
11) With an almost catatonic concentration, almost without blinking or licking my lips, I read the entire book from first to last word without stopping.
12) Her mother has been rendered almost catatonic by mental illness, her methamphetamine-dealing father is missing, and her younger brother and sister are counting on her for survival.
13) They are catatonic on the subject because they know the taxpayer will demand the same protections and support that the elite will be providing for themselves.
14) Medivh fell into a catatonic state which lasted for many years.
15) More than once, for example, the machine has been rendered catatonic.
16) Some women and children have become exceptionally withdrawn or almost catatonic.
17) Every change of scene, every sudden shock, had threatened to plunge Elaine back into catatonic silence.
18) To become formed or shaped. I asked one of the nurses why Katherine was catatonic.
19) I asked one of the nurses why Katherine was catatonic.
20) This disease is clinically divided into four types-hebephrenic schizophrenia, paranoid type schizophrenia, catatonic schizophrenia and simple schizophrenia.
21) Sheldon: Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic.
22) You never went back to have a talk with that girl who went catatonic after you tossed her aside, and you never bid farewell to those sincere and forthright herdsmen.
23) But you are right, it's more common to see one businessman being carried out of a KTV by his friends, completely catatonic.
24) Objective:To explore relevant factors of misdiagnosis and malpractice of lethal catatonic syndrome(LC).
25) Result The occurence rate was 54. 12%. Most in chronic period, simple type, catatonic type and male patients.
26) CHA 0 means that the character is withdrawn into a catatonic, coma like stupor, helpless.
27) Fantastic. So I engage in a daring solo escape only to find myself on a rooftop with a catatonic gay dwarf.
28) Lisey hears him so often in her head that when her catatonic sister, Amanda, begins speaking to her with Scott's voice, she finds it not so much unbelievable as inevitable.
29) After a long day at work or school, there’s something about watching TV that can lull us into a relaxed, nearly catatonic state.
30) An iguana lay on a path near joggers in Davie, Fla. , Sunday. Iguanas become catatonic in the cold and fall from trees.
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