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Sonic in a sentence

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Similar words: laconicchronicironicallyreasoningelectronicelectronicspersonificationonionMeaning: ['sɑnɪk /'sɒn-] adj. 1. (of speed) having or caused by speed approximately equal to that of sound in air at sea level 2. relating to audible sound. random good picture
1. The new aircraft creates a sonic boom.
2. A toy store has marked down the Sonic Hedgehog computer game.
3. We heard the sonic boom of a jet overhead.
4. There is usually a sonic boom when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier.
5. He activated the door with the miniature sonic transmitter.
6. The visual and sonic similarities with Unique 3 are more than incidental.
7. Who could foresee the sonic boom when the needle finally hit the groove on my cheap record changer?
8. A loud sonic boom was heard by observers on shore.
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9. It is certainly verified experimentally that the sonic clicks produced are both highly structured and directional.
10. Double-entendre lyrics run amok at this sonic strip club from hell.
11. For sonic strange reason management did not share our insight.
12. Reduced sonic logs have been superimposed at well locations.
13. Besides its high sonic standards, Direct Stream Digital would serve as an all-purpose archival system.
14. Valery Gergiev stares unblinkingly into the sonic maelstrom that Tchaikovsky unleashes.
15. Players guide Sonic through three-dimensional courses filled with all the typical baddies.
16. On Genesis, Sonic is back in Sonic 3D Blast, a wild game whose title says it all.
17. It was a far cry from the sinister sonic overload, and brooding, hypnotic effect of Rumble.
18. The sonic assault doesn't have to be all heavy artillery.
19. A sonic boom was heard by observers on the shore as the meteorite fell to earth.
20. Sonic booms rumble in the valleys at all hours.
21. What we hear as squeaking is only the lower end of a sonic signal mostly beyond the range of our human ears.
22. Mysterious white beams stream down into the cold desert from saucer-shaped craft. Sonic booms rumble in the valleys at all hours.
23. Simultaneously with the flash[], a piezoelectric plate behind the film launches a sonic pulse into the back of the film emulsion.
24. The frequency of published reports has actually declined since 1960 because people tend to dismiss loud explosions as merely military sonic booms.
25. In the continuing attempt to out-Mario Mario, Sega has now given Sonic a sidekick, Tails the fox.
26. Why had he never got round to building another sonic screwdriver?
27. It needs a commitment, a strength in parts and its own sonic identity.
28. So do Humpbacks have ways of expressing the same request for the repetition of a pleasurable sonic experience?
29. He follows Cohen's bittersweet romanticism with a solid dose of Sonic Youth.
30. These include a patented fumigation system, electronic fly killers and sonic systems which deter bird flocks from roosting on particular buildings.
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