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Moronic in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-01Updated:2017-03-01
Similar words: moronironicchronicironicallychronicleelectronicelectronicscoronetMeaning: ['mɔrɑnɪk /'mɔːrɒnɪk] adj. having a mental age of between eight and twelve years. random good picture
1. She had only known one man, a moronic battle in neon light.
2. It was wanton, moronic vandalism.
3. Hello moronic managers (and low morale).
4. Most of them are just moronic.
5. Opinionated and moronic, that's me, lol.
6. I realise the question sounds moronic.
7. Whenever a client makes a moronic suggestion, you always have to say, "That's interesting, " before ignoring it completely.
8. Some reviewers branded The Lost Symbol "moronic, derivative and clunky" .
9. My best friend is so moronic sometimes. Yesterday he ran my foot over with his car!
10. Look for moronic online "engagement" gimmicks.
11. To fill the hole dug by this moronic policy(, the regime had some success improving its food distribution.
12. The approaches may be crude (well, downright moronic in most cases) and repetitive, but such energy!
13. It makes you look moronic.
14. The computer is not used as a genius assigned moronic tasks of accumulating data for the sheer electronic thrill of it.
15. And so I sit here gurgling into my glass and soaking up all that moronic dreck.
16. What on earth the referee had done to incur such mindless, moronic abuse, one can only hazard a guess.
17. If you're not careful you might end up hiring a bunch of moronic mandrills, like I did last year.
18. But the biggest advantage is that it is quite impossible to be naff, vague or moronic in Latin.
19. I know, trying to save money in a city that is fueled by the green stuff seems moronic, or does it?
20. People in Hollywood need to do their job and not share their moronic ideas with us.
21. He came down here to find investors for that moronic club of his.
22. The other day a reader wrote in asking if cloud computing could help save his hard drive space, which made me realize that it's time to talk about exactly what this moronic buzzword really means.
23. Though not without significant flaws, Seven isn't transparent or moronic , and it doesn't insult the average viewer's intelligence.
24. Sharon Stone was at the Cannes Film Festival, and someone put a microphone in front of her mouth, and well, she just started spewing out moronic nonsense like she usually does.
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