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Calcite in a sentence

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Similar words: recalcitrantrecalcitrancecalcifycalciumcalcinationciteincitereciteMeaning: n. a common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate; a major constituent of limestone. random good picture
1. The prospectors have discovered such minerals as calcite, quartz and asbestos here.
2. The mineral calcite is made up of carbonate sheets and intervening planes of calcium ions.
3. This acts with the dissolved rock to form calcite crystals which build into often spectacular formations.
4. The specimen is preserved in its original calcite; its lack of distortion may be seen from its perfect five-fold symmetry.
5. Stem, calyx, and arms are all made of calcite plates.
6. Details such as fine zonation in calcite cements may be visible in one case but not in another.
7. Dolomite is stained purple, calcite is unstained in the alkaline solution.
8. For example, distinction between calcite and dolomite is difficult because they have similar optical properties.
9. Layers and layers of calcite have created unique formations given magical names like cave pearls, popcorn and soda straws.
10. Ferroan calcite Varying through mauve, purple to royal blue with increasing Fe content.
11. The individual calcite plates of which the fossil is composed can be clearly seen.
12. The unusual exothermal transformation of nacre aragonite to calcite is perhaps resulted from the stored excess enthalpy in nanometer-size aragonite of nacre.
13. Prismatic crystal of Barite on Calcite crystals.
14. They are mainly composed of diopside, calcite and quartz. Geological and mineralogical studies on the deposite indicate that they formed through reginal metamorphism.
15. And some calcite - secreting organisms also add magnesium to the mix.
16. The formation of secondary quartz, albitite, calcite and laumontite affected the storage physical properties of sandstone in different degrees.
17. Associated Minerals are halite , calcite , sulfur , pyrite , borax and many others.
18. This method produces the following colour differentiation in carbonate minerals: Calcite Varying through very pale pink to red.
19. Thus differences in 18 O/ 16 O ratio may be expected between water and calcite precipitating from it.
20. Limestone is defined as a rock which contains at least 50 percent, which nearly always occurs as the mineral calcite.
21. Kids warmed up to worms, connected with electricity and watched calcite crystals bubble in a cupful of vinegar.
22. The ventral arm plates are nearly pentagonal with a distinct convex distal edge textured with layers of calcite forming a concentric pattern.
23. If the straw becomes blocked, the water flows down the outside, building up the calcite and forming tapering stalactites.
24. The potassium ferricyanide component is very sensitive[sentencedict .com], and will detect iron in calcite with 1% ferrous carbonate in solid solution.
25. Principle and design of a ring sight consisting of calcite crystal plate and polarized elements are proposed.
26. At night (bottom), the brittle star uncovers the lenses, made of calcite crystals.
27. Carbonate cement is universally more than 10% in sandstones of the upper Yungang formation in Yungang Grottoes area. It's mainly composed of ferriferous calcite and ferriferous dolomite.
28. The dynamic behaviours of homogenous materials, such as quartz, calcite and wolframite in grinding mills are examined.
29. There are not only illite, but also asphalt, microcrystalline quartz, dolomite, calcite, anorthite, gypsum, and such as potential damage materials.
30. The constructive diagenesis are mainly epigenic karstification and burial dissolution. The destructive diagenesis are filler in each periods, the most devastating cement to porous is sparry calcite.
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