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Calcify in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-05-22Updated:2017-05-22
Similar words: calciumcalcinationrecalcitrantrecalcitrancepacifyspecifycrucifyspecificallyMeaning: ['kælsɪfaɪ] v. 1. become impregnated with calcium salts 2. become inflexible and unchanging 3. turn into lime; become calcified 4. convert into lime. random good picture
1. The rock calcified over the centuries.
2. The periwinkle scours it, spits the calcified bits away.
3. Lithotripsy of a densely calcified gall bladder stone has been described in a case report.
4. Objective:To evaluate the value of multifarious calcify by Molybdenum Photography in the diagnosis of breast disease.
5. The expression outside bone is parenchyma calcify .
5. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
6. The exterior calcify kitchen of liver (be still kitchen changed calcium to forget) what meaning be?
7. They tend to calcify progressively during the first two decades, so that by age 20 virtually 100% are hyperdense.
8. Prostate calcify, fiber is changed is the scar that after inflammation cicatrizations, prostate happening leaves, be prostate stone is augural.
9. Pith nucleus calcify can appear the symptom with lumbar inflexible activity, sure meeting reduces calcification the symptom that the dimension that vertebra provides causes a nerve root press press.
10. An aortic valve need not be bicuspid to calcify.
11. Old folks can calcify.
12. Feature 600 mg of bone-strengthening calcium which is vital during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when fetal bones begin to calcify.
13. Research suggests the chemical changes can cause corals, shellfish and other organisms to calcify, leaving their protective shells brittle and weak.
14. My plan is to look for the signs that I'm starting to calcify.
15. Rickets is a disease of children characterized by a failure of the growing bones to calcify normally.
16. Rickets is a disease of children characterized a failure of the growing bones to calcify normally.
17. Have liver stone? What disease is kitchen of the calcify inside the liver in there is one? Does the doctor say to treat bad? Does somebody know?
18. Over time, the granulomas decrease in size and can calcify, leaving a focal calcified spot on a chest radiograph that suggests remote granulomatous disease.
19. Tooth body namely dental itself, include bone of essence of enamel, tooth, tooth the strong organization of 3 kinds of calcify and composition of dental pulp of a kind of parenchyma.
20. Miller has been studying the link between atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and nanoparticles which calcify within the arteries.
21. This article introduces the use of testing law division digital mammary gland images of the edge of mammary gland calcify point detection.
22. TB can also lead to a granulomatous pericarditis that may calcify and produce constrictive pericarditis.
23. Calcium 600:Provides an additional 600 mg of bone-strengthening calcium which is vital during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when fetal bones begin to calcify.
24. Enamel forms the surface layer of tooth coronal, for translucent white strong organization, it is the hardest organization of calcify of camber of tooth body organization.
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