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Andean in a sentence

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Similar words: free and easyandean condordeandeaneryjames deanwide-anglehide-and-seekArchimedeanMeaning: adj. relating to the Andes and their inhabitants. 
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1, On Andean haciendas, it matters little to the man who tills the land whether the product increases.
2, A Bible translator in one of the Andean republics recounted the following story to the author.
3, Any investigation of the heady altitudes of Andean music should begin right here.
4, Other Andean countries, spotting new opportunities in free trade, have agreed to get rid of most trade barriers by 1992.
5, At that time, all Andean Pact countries are expected to adopt zero customs duties on all imports from other members.
6, Criss-crossing these steps in dusty Andean towns, Symmes learns that a search is on for Che's remains.
7, In practice, eleven Andean condors were raised from a single pair over a period of six years.
8, Andean vultures become avid for the life-giving molecule with quite a different set of mutations.
9, Andean birds spend much of the year in conditions almost as tough.
10, The Andean goose alters the same junction to the same effect, but with an alteration in the opposite chain.
11, Andean Weida company's products are developed its own.
12, The accessions with introgression from Mesoamerican to the Andean group could be useful as bridge varieties for common bean breeding.
13, A complete comparison on skeleton of Andean condor and cinereous vulture was carried out.
14, Pianezzi has slowly introduced his alpaca Andean highlands,( to the water over the past several months.
15, The Andean region has suffered an increase in respiratory illness, a decrease in Alpaca farming and a shortened growing season, which may eventually be cut in half.
16, Yilianyoumeng Stocks Po Wong Andean give you as a romantic and well - being.
17, Andean dancers wearingfeathered hats walk during celebrations in honor of the Lord of "QoyllurRit'i" near the town of Tayankani in Cuzco, on June 22, 2011.
18, Any of certain Andean evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Erythroxylum, especially E. coca, whose leaves contain cocaine and other alkaloids.
19, A city of central Ecuador in a high Andean valley south of Quito. It is a commercial center and popular tourist site. Population, 100, 454.
20, Maranon Basin is one of Sub - Andean foreland basins.
21, The high pressure source mineralogy signaled by Andean adakite trace element characteristics originates in three ways.
22, In Andean popular legend, the Pishtaco is a vampire-like figure who attacks wayfarers and slices off their fat, a terrifying fate in a culture that traditionally celebrates rotundity.
23, As a result, for the first time, national politics and consciousness are penetrating into virtually every Andean valley and hamlet.
24, Grannies make their mark Women huddle around blackboards on windy Andean hillsides.
25, And great engineering heights would be scaled in the whole succession of Andean railways.
26, When the ball was to reduce the opportunities for small Andean become furious.
27, Baucus has long been a champion for these programs, including Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), and the Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA).
28, Born in the United Kingdom Weiershimo spear gun Teleilaike an Andean aristocratic family.
29, Machu Picchu or Old Peak is the name given to the stone ruins of a pre-Columbian Incan city perched high atop the Andean peaks of Peru.
30, Suspension bridges woven from ropes were built during the Incan empire to move between steep Andean hillsides laced with canyons.
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