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Archimedean in a sentence

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1. Archimedean point is metaphor derived from Archimedes' alleged saying that if he had a fulcrum and a lever, he could move the earth.
2. With the plane Archimedean spiral antenna a calculation of the current on the antenna as well as its radiation is carried out and its frequency independence was verified.
3. The method combined the Archimedean principle of buoyancy with flex displacement technology caused by magnetism is adopted.
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4. To study the generatized metric for Non - Archimedean Menger space.
5. A new - type planar Archimedean spiral antenna, the zigzag planar Archimedean spiral antenna, is presented.
6. Planar Archimedean antenna has some advantages as wideband, small volume and good performance in circularly polarizing, so it has broad appliance prosperity.
7. Mixing blade: inner two groups Archimedean screw blade, equably mixing, durability and life cycle.
8. Equivalent relation between a pure Archimedean semigroup and its ideals is discussed for an equivalent semigroups, every proper ideal of S is pure archimedean semigroup.
9. An Archimedean planar spiral antenna mounted on the grounded double layer is investigated.
10. Different possibilities are available for filtration, but most of filtering machine, or at least most effective of them are based on the same concept of archimedean screw.
11. The article expatiates the connotations of flotage and immerse of Archimedean principle by analysing the conditions of an objects bearing liquid pressures in liquid.
12. This paper gives necessary and sufficient conditions for the semidirect product of two semigroups to be completely Archimedean semigroups.
13. Since Descarted, there has appeared in the western philosophy a new trend: to secure self - evidence in the inner consciousness and make it the " Archimedean Point" for philosophical construction.
14. Brown said he worked so hard to become the mayor of Oakland because Oakland is the Archimedean lever that will shift America's interest back to the cities.
15. Some geoengineers think that this is now possible and that science and technology have given us an Archimedean set of levers with which to move the planet.
16. Jacob Milgrom has argued that there's a kind of Archimedean principle at work here: every sin creates an impurity that encroaches upon the realm of holiness and displaces a certain amount of holiness.
17. The direction finding performance and pattern synthesis of 8 units' circular array, which is composed of directional elements of planar Archimedean spiral antenna, are studied in this paper.
18. Brown said he worked hard to become the mayor of Oakland because Oakland is the Archimedean lever that will shift America's interest back to the cities.
19. The principal and the computing process are analyzed, and gave the concrete computing example of the Archimedean worm gear is presented.
20. First, the relative position of the center of mass and buoyancy was design based on the Archimedean principle.
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