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Causal factor in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2021-04-23Updated:2021-04-23
Similar words: social factorscritical factortechnological factorsolfactoryfill factorsteel factoryolfactory bulbcausalMeaning: n. a determining or causal element or factor. 
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1. For had the causal factor not been present, everything would have been different.
2. These are not experimental because no causal factor is assumed to be operating in the survey situation.
3. To what extent is desire a causal factor?
4. Alcohol is a causal factor in 60 types of diseases and injuries, according to WHO's first report on alcohol since 2004.
4. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
5. The causal factor may be related to clostridia and bacillusgasoformans infections.
6. The primary causal factor was macroeconomic, but appropriate regulation might have averted or ameliorated the crisis.
7. AGEs are and may be a causal factor, in the development of vascular complications of diabetes.
8. "Nutrition as a causal factor in antisocial behavior is so simple it's been overlooked," he says.
9. One is that cannabis use is a causal factor for schizophrenia, or that it at least precipitates psychosis in vulnerable people.
10. Our findings suggest that the most important causal factor is the diversion of resources from agriculture, which was responsible for 33 percent of the collapse of output between 1958 and 1961.
11. Q : To what extent is desire a causal factor?
12. Output is also an important causal factor in language learning.
13. In 1210 cases a causal factor was revealed including blood vessel compression, tumor compression, compression of arachnoid cysts and adherence, only 10 cases remained unclear etiology.
14. They therefore concluded that a lack of social relationships was a causal factor in the onset of neurosis.
15. Weight by itself can thus be eliminated as a causal factor.
16. Instead, when fully understood, the apparent contradiction may reveal a new causal factor that was not considered before.
17. The vinis in the plasmas of KBD chilren might be the causal factor for KBD.
18. To get the most out of business negotiations, it is important to have every causal factor working in your favor.
19. Virtually all of the evidence argues against there being a determinativephysiological causal factor and I know of no researcher who believes that such adeterminative factor exists...
20. Howard J. Feldman, the director of regulatory and scientific affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, noted that the evidence of a causal factor was inconclusive for some ailments.
21. Noise in the sense of a large number of small events is often a causal factor much more powerful than a small number of large events can be.
22. Therefore, a well-designed strategy of energy development is a causal factor to the healthy, stable and sustainable development of economy.
23. A good deal of research has been devoted to the study of foreign language anxiety in recent years. Yet very few studies have referred to culture as a causal factor in foreign language anxiety.
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