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Aubergine in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2017-03-09
Similar words: emergingtuberallergicenergizepubertymarginexuberantexuberanceMeaning: ['əʊbəʒiːn] n. 1. hairy upright herb native to southeastern Asia but widely cultivated for its large glossy edible fruit commonly used as a vegetable 2. egg-shaped vegetable having a shiny skin typically dark purple but occasionally white or yellow. random good picture
1. Brush the aubergines with oil, add salt and pepper, and bake till soft. Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a heavy pan.
2. Apart from peppers and aubergines, many other vegetables grill well.
3. Cut the aubergines in half lengthways.
4. Split the aubergines in half and cover with breadcrumbs.
5. Drain the aubergines, rinse in cold water and dry on kitchen paper.
6. Fry the aubergine slices in the remaining oil until golden, then drain on kitchen paper. 5.
7. And hazelnut stuffed aubergines, mozzarella cheese, parmesan, the tiniest button mushrooms she could find.
8. Spoon the sauce over the aubergines and bake for 40 minutes until browned on top.
9. Brush aubergines with half a tablespoon of the olive oil and place on an oiled baking sheet.
10. Then stir in the chopped reserved aubergine flesh and the pistachios.
11. Place the filled aubergine rolls into an ovenproof dish, wedging them in tightly.
12. Because say I have two, an aubergine, one falls revive.
13. We supposed the genes controlling aubergine leaf character as the HH , and got its heredity model.
14. Homemade stracci pasta with spicy Italian sausage, aubergine.
15. Cucumber, chilli, aubergine - this is a real vegetable treasure trove.
16. Aubergine consciousness double name, hide in water.
17. Aubergine is an interesting alternative to boring black and Sheryl Crow carried it off well.
18. It turned out to be the food market, where they sold swollen watermelons and aubergines and strange shaped fruits.
19. Drain and arrange in an ovenproof dish. Chop the red pepper and mushrooms and arrange on the aubergines.
20. Chop the red pepper and mushrooms and arrange on the aubergines.
21. Numbers and music shared of course the same patterns of elegance, even when the figures exalted only aubergines.
22. Objective: Research on the anti - inflammatory mechanism of the acidic components of Aubergine root.
23. Each features muted metallics in shades of seafoam, periwinkle, gold, and aubergine .
24. Objective : To research on the anti - inflammatory mechanism of the acidic components of Aubergine root.
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25. Two examples of Campos's Spanish tapas are humus of aubergine, and anchovy in vinegar over green "tapenade" toast.
26. Citing fears about safety, India's environment minister announced a moratorium on the commercial cultivation of what would have been India's first genetically modified crop Bt Brinjal, or aubergine.
27. Disease is disgruntled , resemble basking in damp - dry fade aubergine.
28. The outlines were then coloured in with red, yellow, green and aubergine overglaze enamels, and the object was fired again at a lower temperature.
29. It consists of chopped carrots, French beans , potatoes, minced lamb, and sliced aubergine.
30. Objective:Research on the anti-inflammatory mechanism of the acidic components of aubergine root.
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