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Suppose in a sentence

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Synonym: assumebelieveconsiderdeduceimagineinferpresumethinkSimilar words: supposedlysupposingopposeopposedsupportsupportersupportivein support ofMeaning: [sə'pəʊz ,spəʊz] v. 1. express a supposition 2. expect, believe, or suppose 3. to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds 4. take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand 5. require as a necessary antecedent or precondition. random good picture
1. To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolute sober. 
2. I suppose my application has been lost by some incompetent bureaucrat.
3. 'That's the only possible solution.' 'Yes, I suppose so,' Charles conceded.
4. I suppose you'll hector me until I phone him.
5. I don't suppose for a minute that he'll agree .
6. Prices will go up, I suppose.
7. I suppose all the tickets have been sold now, have they?
8. Suppose someone gave you an egg and asked you to describe exactly what was inside.
9. I suppose I was looking for an occupation which was going to be an adventure.
10. I suppose you think that's funny, do you? .
11. I suppose I was quite promiscuous in my youth.
12. What do you suppose the killer's motive was?
13. Let us suppose for a moment that the news is really true.
14. It's reasonable to suppose that people go into this business in search of fame.
15. I suppose I shall have to pony up, whether I like it or not.
16. I suppose Carolyn went off with some man she'd fallen in love with.
17. I don't suppose there'll ever be a remedy for that.
18. What do you suppose you will do after school?
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19. Why do you suppose he resigned?
20. There is no reason to suppose she's lying.
21. 'Will you do it?' 'Er, yes, I suppose so.'
22. What do you suppose he wanted?
23. They suppose that all rich men are wicked.
24. I suppose I could get on with the ironing while I'm waiting.
25. I suppose I'm lucky because my parents were behind me all the way.
26. I suppose we might as well go home.
27. What I'm saying, I suppose, is that she's not really suitable for the job.
28. I don't suppose there's any left-over pie going, is there?
29. I should suppose him to be about fifty.
30. Getting a visa isn't as simple as you might suppose.
More similar words: supposedlysupposingopposeopposedsupportsupportersupportivein support ofposeoppositionimposecomposeexposeproposeproposedon purposeuppersupplysupplieropponentappointposterdepositpost-waropportunityappointmentpossibleexposurepositionwhose
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