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Sneaking in a sentence

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Sentence count:80+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-14Updated:2017-05-14
Synonym: sneakingunavowedSimilar words: speakingbreakingsqueakingbackbreakingheartbreakinggroundbreakingfrankly speakinggenerally speakingMeaning: ['snɪːkɪŋ] adj. not openly expressed. random good picture
1. I have a sneaking suspicion that she's not telling the truth.
2. I always had a sneaking admiration for him.
3. What are you doing sneaking around out there?
4. Inwardly, I had a sneaking admiration for them.
5. I was caught sneaking my kitten into the school.
6. Sheila was just sneaking out when her mother called her.
7. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to succeed.
8. She was caught sneaking into the show without paying.
9. She had always had a sneaking affection for him.
10. He ducked the interviewers by sneaking out the back door.
11. He was caught sneaking an apple from a shop.
12. He had a sneaking feeling that they were laughing at him.
13. Darkness was sneaking up on the travellers as they entered the forest.
14. She ducked the interviewers by sneaking out the back door.
15. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was lying.
16. We have to invent a new method for sneaking prisoners out without being noticed by the guards.
17. I have a sneaking suspicion that she knows more than she's telling us.
18. She had a nagging/sneaking suspicion that she might have sent the letter to the wrong address.
19. James loves sneaking up on his sister to frighten her.
20. She was left with a sneaking suspicion that Steven was not telling the truth.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. I've got a sneaking feeling/suspicion that we're going the wrong way.
22. All he had was a sneaking suspicion that everything was wrong.
23. It's true - he does have some sneaking faith in poets as being fundamentally decent people.
24. The streaming sunlight is just barely sneaking around the edges of these motel-orange drapes.
25. Advertisements are sneaking up on you from at least three new directions.
26. She was one of those dreadful children who was always sneaking on other kids in the class.
27. Eventually it was time for bed and they waited until the middle of the night before sneaking to the workshop on tip-toes.
28. Tam had complained earlier about how he was for ever sneaking up on them and poking about while they were building the fence.
29. While we were nailing up that big front door, these guys were sneaking in around the back.
30. Tam was on all fours, a wood chisel in his hand, apparently sneaking up on a grazing sheep.
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