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Slinging in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2017-09-05Updated:2017-09-05
Similar words: mudslingingclingingupbringingbringing upspringingimpingingswingingstingingMeaning: [slɪŋ] n. throwing with a wide motion (as if with a sling). 
1. The godfather of proto-punk guitar slinging, Thunders is memorialized on this 12-cut live disc recorded in Tokyo in 1988.
2. Slinging his mac over the back of a pew he sat down and rested his feet on the one in front.
3. Brock says Aron goaded him into reluctantly slinging mud by lying about his business dealings.
4. And there may be preferred slinging techniques, attendant rituals and even a subcultural vernacular associated with the activity.
5. And Robinson came out slinging, realizing his running attack was capable of a negative-yardage day.
6. Marla was recently seen slinging her shoes at Trump.
7. As the election day came nearer,( mud slinging and violence got even worse.
8. Diana got a job slinging hash at the new drive - in restaurant.
9. You're slinging mud at me -- that's a pack of lies!
10. As a result, pheromones are slinging at least some of Cupid's arrows.
11. Turning the volume up and slinging the ads within earshot of our flushing and corn - popping audience.
12. The boys were slinging stones into the river.
13. And Life, a slinging flame.
14. Some men thought more about their whippets or their pigeons - they thought nowt of slinging the wife out on the street.
15. So why are the mutual-fund companies suddenly obsessed with slinging around this term?
16. Someone gave my boss a poison-pen letter. 7. He's just slinging mud. ; 6.
17. He does not wish to take part in mud - slinging.
18. He tried dividing it into two bundles, tying them to his walking stick, and slinging the whole affair across his back.
19. In order to still his never ending hunger for utter destruction, this warmongering beast mounted a hell slinging catapult on top of his impenetrable shell.
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