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Wringing in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-08-01Updated:2017-08-01
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1. He killed the chicken quickly by wringing its neck.
2. Car dealers are wringing their hands over low sales this summer.
3. The Government has got to get a grip. Wringing its hands and saying it is a world problem just isn't good enough.
4. It's no use just wringing our hands we must do something to help.
5. He was sobbing and wringing his hands by the grave.
6. The police finally succeeded in wringing a confession from the prisoner.
7. Byron rocks away, very hairy, very clean, wringing his hands, like an impeccable spider in his green fatigues.
8. I remember my father standing over her sickbed, wringing his hands, so afraid of losing another child.
9. My three-piece was wringing wet, but eventually I dried it out, and the rest I just bagged together.
10. This jacket's wringing wet!
11. He tried to keep going,( his hands wringing sounds from the theremin.
12. Aimless minutes of hand wringing and expletives, followed by resignation.
13. Alma was strong enough to continue wringing the live necks herself.
14. She was in the middle of wringing the water out of a red rayon skirt she had been washing at the kitchen sink.
15. She was wringing her hands, pulling at her lovely mane of hair.
16. Your clothes are wringing wet.
17. He is wringing out the water from his swimming trunks.
18. Some believe all the hand - wringing about the stock rally is overdone.
19. ONCE again, worrywarts in Washington are wringing their hands over possible shortages of so-called "critical materials" for America's high-tech industries.
20. ONCE again, worrywarts are wringing their hands over possible shortages of so-called "critical materials" crucial for high-tech industries.
21. He is wringing out the water swimming trunks.
22. Why are we wringing about the demise of paper the economic gating factor for ideas?
23. Hydraulic wringing machine is used to extrude water from the semi - manufacture.
24. Walter flew out the door; leaving Gordy and Ivan chewing their lips and wringing their hands.
25. He believes companies will continue to surprise the market with their ability to keep wringing out costs.
26. "I don't know what else to do," Dan said, wringing his hands.
27. The incident has triggered widespread soul-searching with even the state-run media wringing their hands over the state of Chinese society.
28. Though battalions of experts have devoted their lives to dissecting his plays and poems, their hopes of wringing new clues about the "secret life" of the Bard of Avon have gone unrealized .
29. METHODS The analgesic effect was studied by using experimental menorrhalgia model induced by estradiol and oxytocin, acetic acid induced wringing test and hot plate test in mice.
30. You did not properly speaking do the deed: you merely woke up in the morning and found that the sheets were wringing wet.
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