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Lame in a sentence

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Sentence count:148+13 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-28Updated:2016-12-28
Synonym: cripplecrippledfeeblegamegimpyhalthaltingsquareSimilar words: flameblameinflamedslamlampIslamlampoonIslamicMeaning: [leɪm] n. 1. someone who doesn't understand what is going on 2. a fabric interwoven with threads of metal. v. deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg. adj. 1. pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness 2. disabled in the feet or legs. random good picture
1. If you live with a lame person, you will learn to limp. 
2. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein 
3. She gave some lame excuse about missing the bus.
4. He sat down with his lame leg outstretched.
5. He is lame in the right leg.
6. My horse is lame — I can't ride him.
7. He tried to justify his absence with lame excuses.
8. The lame man needs a stick when he walks.
9. The accident made him lame in the left leg.
10. He was aware that she was lame in one leg.
11. He mumbled some lame excuse about having gone to sleep.
12. The government should not waste money supporting lame ducks.
13. He gave a lame excuse for being absent.
14. The llama has a lame leg.
15. The oldest elephant was lame, poor brute.
16. Halfway through the race the horse went lame.
17. Her lame foot disqualified her for dance.
18. He made up a rather lame excuse for the work being late.
19. All our theories sound pretty lame.
20. I don't believe his story, It'sounds a bit lame.
21. The lame child lagged behind.
22. He is lame of both legs.
23. The government should not spend money on helping lame ducks.
24. Sleeping too long is a lame excuse for being late.
25. Bush is not merely treating Clinton as a lame duck.
26. Having been long sitting there, I have to knead the lame muscles of my legs.
27. They scratched the horse from the race because she had become lame.
28. David had to pull out of the Championships when his horse went lame.
29. A lot of the songs on this album are a bit lame.
30. I don't believe his story[ ], it sounds a bit lame.
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