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Interlaced in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-26Updated:2017-04-26
Similar words: intercedeinterludeinterloperinterlockinterlocutorinterfaceinterlocutionuser interfaceMeaning: adj. having a pattern of fretwork or latticework. random good picture
1 Her hair was interlaced with ribbons and flowers.
2 Your speech should not have been interlaced with these facts beside the point.
3 The tree branches were interlaced with one another.
4 They interlaced their hands.
5 It was laid entirely with interlaced track.
6 Plain hospital beds with flock mattresses laid on interlaced wire springs were for the junior members of the staff.
7 Wainwright interlaced his fingers and considered them.
8 Pharmacologicasl: the dog's teeth are concavoconvex interlaced system Card Alliance.
9 The interlaced output from the source of interlaced material 50 is supplied to an interlace to progress scan converter 70 to generate a progressive scan signal.
10 Background is interlaced, uncertain, ambiguous and dubious.
11 The five interlaced rings on the Olympic flag represent the five continents joined together.
12 During my whole report[], he sat with his eyes closed and his fingers interlaced.
13 On two sides the grid is flanked by large, rectangular panels of interlaced circles.
14 A hare squats amongst foliage, in a scene which is enclosed by a roundel supported by two conventionally interlaced guilloche squares.
15 The latter group includes mosaics which feature saltire designs or designs based on patterns of interlaced squares. 2.
16 The firm's algae towers, designed as slender white towers with green patches, would serve as self-sustaining housing, interlaced with hydrogen production.
17 Characteristic violet notes followed by intense aromas of plums and black cherries interlaced with liquorice.
18 A simplified method of describing the generated matrix of interlaced code is demonstrated, which is very useful when the degree of interlacing becomes high enough.
19 It used to be a typical Chinese watertown, embedded in farmlands, interlaced with rivers and clusters of lakes.
20 This filter should not be used with non - interlaced video.
21 This is passed to the interlace to progressive scan converter 30 to generate a progressive scan signal from the interlaced signal.
22 It proves by practising that this designing method of microstrip pectinate bandpass filter and interlaced digital filter is simple and of good effect.
23 This paper introduces a digital storage oscilloscope,( which can display four channel waveforms on an ordinary magnetic deflection CRT monitor by means of interlaced raster scanning.
24 Deinterlacing removes artifacts and improves the quality of video by processing interlaced fields into separate frames.
25 Said invention also can inhibit frame-frequency flash during contour scanning in the interlaced scanning system, and can produce image contour intensified effect.
26 For options, extra parameters for controlling horizontal and vertical synchronization can be added, and there are also options for interlaced and doublescan modes.
27 With the annealing temperature increase, Pd grains became larger and grew to form a film interlaced with the porous kieselguhr.
28 Each row from the left to the right of each frame according to the interlaced scanning, from top to bottom odd lines, even two sweeping, used to reduce flicker sensation.
29 If directed toward inside again, is an unbroken volcanic lake, appear blue, orange, red, white wait seven colors interlaced lake, transpiration fast-you wonderful phantasy.
30 According to rang of the world, there are three kinds of transfer payment modes between governments: vertical mode, horizontal mode and interlaced mode.
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