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Pressing in a sentence

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Synonym: compellingcrucialdrivingurgentSimilar words: distressingprocessingimpressionexpressionimpressivedepressionoppressionsuppressionMeaning: ['presɪŋ] n. 1. the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure 2. a metal or plastic part that is made by a mechanical press. adj. compelling immediate action. 
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1. He left, saying he had pressing matters to attend to.
2. Night was already pressing in as we reached the small town.
3. Poverty is a more pressing problem than pollution.
4. Adjust the control knobs by pressing lightly.
5. He was totally unresponsive to the pressing social and economic needs of the majority of the population.
6. The rent collector is pressing for payment again.
7. They are pressing us for an answer.
8. The bank is pressing us for repayment of the loan.
9. Pressing business matters prevented him from taking a holiday.
10. She is still pressing her claim for compensation.
11. They were pressing on eastwards towards the city's small airfield.
12. Hold down the Alt key while pressing the arrow keys.
13. The proposal was temporarily tabled due to more pressing business.
14. It is one of the most pressing problems facing this country.
15. The chairman is pressing for a change in the procedure.
16. Pressing the "Yes" or "No" response button stops the clock.
17. The crowds were pressing against the barriers.
18. Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.
19. I was pressing my claim for custody of the child.
20. The unions are pressing for improved working conditions.
21. A host of unwelcome thoughts were pressing in on him.
22. His grandmother was pressing on him cups of tea and chocolate cookies.
23. The olives are heat treated during the second pressing.
24. Tom humped himself with two hands pressing his stomach.
25. The company is pressing ahead with its plans for a new warehouse.
26. Activists are pressing the banks to attach political conditions to the signing of any new agreement.
27. His body was pressing against hers.
28. The government is pressing for an early resolution of the hostage crisis.
29. There are a few things you should check before pressing the shutter release.
30. Put in your starting disk and boot the computer by pressing Control.
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