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Gracious in a sentence

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Synonym: clementcordialfriendlygenerousgoodhospitablekindlymercifulniceobligingpleasantpoliterespectfulsympatheticwarmheartedAntonym: ungraciousSimilar words: voraciousvoraciouslyspaciousaudaciousvivaciousrapacioussagacioussalaciousMeaning: ['greɪʃəs] adj. 1. characterized by charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit 2. characterized by kindness and warm courtesy especially of a king to his subjects 3. exhibiting courtesy and politeness 4. disposed to bestow favors. 
(1) She was a very gracious lady.
(2) He conducted himself in a gracious manner.
(3) Sibyl was the most gracious, helpful, and generous person to work with.
(4) She is a lovely and gracious woman.
(5) He was most gracious to everyone, smiling and thanking them.
(6) He was gracious enough to thank me.
(7) He has not yet learned how to be gracious in defeat.
(8) The queen was gracious enough to invite us.
(9) Lady Caroline was gracious enough to accept our invitation.
(10) Goodness gracious ,( what a terrible thought!
(11) He is kind and gracious to all sinners who repent.
(12) Good gracious! What on earth has happened to your feet?
(13) All this gracious living isn't for me; I prefer the simple life.
(14) She closed with a gracious speech of thanks.
(15) She was gracious enough to show us round her home.
(16) The losing team were gracious in defeat.
(17) He drove through the gracious suburbs with the swimming pools and tennis courts.
(18) Good gracious, look at that specimen will you?
(19) I'll be greatly honoured by your gracious presence.
(20) Gracious /Good gracious , I never thought he'd do that!
(21) The performance will take place in the gracious presence of HRH the Prince of Wales.
(22) She welcomed her guests in a gracious manner.
(23) My goodness!/Goodness me!/Goodness gracious !
(24) It was gracious of the Queen to speak to the elderly patients.
(25) She is gracious and talented, and no one begrudged her good fortune.
(26) It faces out toward Dodge Hall, across gracious grounds of hedged walks and great plane trees.
(27) Given the classy surroundings and gracious service, these prices are a steal.
(28) We can't afford gracious living.
(29) She was , to the end, a gentlewoman of the old school , gracious and mannerly.
(30) 'I hope you didn't mind my phoning you.' 'Good gracious, no, of course not.'
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