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Digraph in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-10-05Updated:2017-10-05
Similar words: epigraphepigraphycalligraphycalligraphercalligraphicstratigraphytardigradegraphMeaning: ['daɪgrɑːf] n. two successive letters (especially two letters used to represent a single sound: `sh' in `shoe'). random good picture
(1) The same ideas apply in digraphs, except that all the edges must point in the same direction.
(2) Digraph will be constructed by using the dependence of the left of subset's FD. Some nodes will help to decompose a subschema of BCNF. The key of the subschema is the left or left's equivalence.
(3) Operator recognizes that the single digraph character and the two individual characters are equivalent.
(4) By using the matrix representation of a digraph, some results about the index of convergence and period of a line digraph are obtained.
(5) A directed graph, or digraph G consists of a finite nonempty set of vertices V, and a finite set of edges E, where an edge is an ordered pair of vertices in V.
(6) Special primitive two-colored digraphs whose uncolored digraph consist of two cycles are considered.
(7) A strongly connected digraph D is one in which any vertex can be reached from any other vertex by a directed path.
(8) A fast algorithm for generating Chinese word segmentation digraph was given.
(9) Signed Digraph incarnates the coalescent modelling thought of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis[Sentencedict], and the standardized modeling for a complex system can be realized by signed digraph.
(10) The algorithm is also suitable to an Eulerian digraph.
(11) Special primitive two-colored digraphs whose uncolored digraph consist of two cycles arc considered.
(12) A digraph D is hamiltonian if D contains a hamilton directed cycle.
(13) A semicomplete multipartite digraph is obtained by replacing each edge of a complete multipartite graph by an arc or by a pair of two mutually opposite arcs.
(14) We shall abbreviate'directed graph'to digraph.
(15) A digraph D is unilateral.
(16) Next, we come to the notion of a directed graph, sometimes called a digraph.
(17) There fore we study the kings of locally semicomplete digraph by its characterization.
(18) In this paper, we provide a necessary condition and several sufficient conditions for a digraph to have a pair of disjoint quasi-kernels.
(19) According to the target motion state basis at different times, the algorithm can match sub-model-set based on the digraph.
(20) To resolve this contradiction, a variable structure multiple-model algorithm based on digraph switching and unscented Kalman filter is presented.
(21) By using Boolean matrix, some results of power convergence exponent of line digraph are given.
(22) Line 1 declares your graph, called G, and its type (a digraph).
(23) Thus, the problem of efficiently finding the basic set of directed circuits in a digraph is solved.
(24) There is no good algorithm for finding shortcut in the directed digraph.
(25) On the basis of the discussions, an algorithm for finding all directed circuits from walk matrix of digraph is presented.
(26) In this note we give a short proof of enumeration of functional digraph.
(27) The second is to locate the ones which are isolated in the instant-center digraph or those which are not within any instant-center circuit.
(28) A two-dimensional placement method of minimum area is presented by digraph representation.
(29) Algorithms searching for a directed Euler tour in a Eulerian digraph and the shortest Euler trial in a non-Eulerian digraph are also developed.
(30) Secondly, by analyzing the characteristic of ants system, we make ants connect the similar data. We advance an adaptive ant clustering algorithm based on digraph(A3CD) which is more direct and easier.
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