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Absolutely in a sentence

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Antonym: relativelySimilar words: absoluteabsolutismabsolutionresolutedissoluteabsolveabsolvedsolutionMeaning: ['æbsəluːtlɪ] adv. 1. completely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiers 2. totally and definitely; without question. 
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1. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
2. Poor thing! You look absolutely dreadful!
3. Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive. Robert H. Schuller 
4. I was absolutely staggered when I saw the bill.
5. She's absolutely certain she's going to make it in the world.
6. I'm absolutely starving -- I missed lunch.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. I'm absolutely positive it was him.
8. He was absolutely mesmerised by Pavarotti on television.
9. That meeting achieved absolutely nothing - it was a complete waste of time.
10. The football pitch was absolutely sodden.
11. It is desperately sad news and I am absolutely shattered to hear it.
12. Lucy is absolutely devoted to her cats.
13. Kozelek expresses his sense of desolation absolutely without self-pity.
14. All these knives are absolutely lethal.
15. It is absolutely vital that food supplies should be maintained.
16. It's an absolutely instinctive reaction—if a child falls you pick it up.
17. He made his reasons for resigning absolutely clear.
18. Affection is desirable.Money is absolutely indispensable!
19. It was absolutely pouring with rain.
20. It's absolutely crucial that we get this right.
21. The possibility of error cannot be absolutely excluded.
22. It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.
23. It was absolutely essential to separate crops from the areas that animals used as pasture.
24. I felt absolutely certain that I'd seen her before.
25. She was absolutely uncritical, she believed everything.
26. I'm not absolutely certain I posted it.
27. I confide absolutely in his honesty.
28. I absolutely don't say I love you, this is between us the tacit understanding.
29. Many leading scientists do not consider that science can give absolutely reliable knowledge.
30. I saw the worst comedy act I've ever seen last night - it was absolutely toe-curling!
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