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Decalcification in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-11-11Updated:2017-11-11
Similar words: calcificationpacificationspecificationspecificationsratificationbeatificationgratificationedificationMeaning: n. loss of calcium from bones or teeth. 
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(1) Objective To evaluate the effect of decalcification bone matrix(DBM) and OSTEOSET in treating the bone defect.
(2) Objective To investigate the effect of decalcification with low-temperature microwave (MW) and nitric acid (NA)on the bone, teeth and other calcified tissue.
(3) Results :These observations showed that areas of slight decalcification were limited to some enamel rod after the acid etching for the fird time and the number of cellular structure was low.
(4) Conclusions EDTA is a good method for decalcification to develop an animal model of osteoporotic vertebral fracture in a short time.
(5) Determination of dental decalcification was done respectively in the two groups in 8 and 12 months after the treatment; the results were analyzed with statistics.
(6) This crude oil decalcification technology makes the electric desalting process capable to remove the alkali-earth metals and part of the heavy metals in addition to the alkali metals in crude oil.
(7) Objective:To compare the anti acid and decalcification effects of different fluoride products by using an artificial caries model.
(8) Conclusion Rapid decalcification with microwave and nitric acid at low temperature could get very satisfactory staining results within relatively short time.
(9) To observe the clinical effect of Decalcification tooth matrices(DTM) in treatment of old fracture.
(10) Decalcification can be performed by using acid or other agents.
(11) Enamel erosion is permanent tooth damage and is easily misdiagnosed with attrition due to physical effect and enamel decalcification due to bacterial nature.
(12) Objective To investigate the preventive effectiveness in reducing tooth decay and decalcification of different concentration of fluoride toothpaste for orthodontic patients.
(13) METHODS: Bio-derived bone scaffold was prepared with a serial of physical and chemical processes, including degreasing , deproteinization, partial decalcification and freeze drying.
(14) Conclusion Fluoride mouth rinse can effectively prevent and treat enamel decalcification in fixed-orthodontic treatment.
(15) Poly ps in superior and middle meatus may cause bone absorption and decalcification .
(16) It differs from other acids in that the fluoride ion readily penetrates the skin and causes destruction of deep tissue layers, including bony decalcification .
(17) Conclusion Very satisfactory staining results within relatively short time may be obtained with microwave treatment in nitric acid solation at low temperature for decalcification.
(18) Macroscopic observation : enamel has been removed in the course of decalcification . The surface of dentin is with cranny and formation of cavity.
(19) The study demonstrates that organic calcium removal rate increases with increasing amount of decalcification agent addition, injected water[], reactor temperature and reaction time.
(20) Conclusions Fluoride mouth rinse can effectively prevent and enamel decalcification in fixed - orthodontic treatment.
(21) Objective: To investigate the feasibility using sealant preventing enamel decalcification in the orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances and acquire information for clinic.
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