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Coordinately in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: co-ordinatecoordinateX-coordinatecoordinatedcoordinatesuncoordinatedinordinatelycoordinate systemMeaning: adv. in a coordinated manner. 
1 Coordinately, the WTO should ameliorate "TBT Agreement" in order to mitigate the malignant effects of TBT on international trade.
2 Therefore, it is very important to coordinately select all object characters in resistance and high yield breeding.
3 Just because of coordinately functioning of many factors, the idea of controlling foreigners by rhubarb developed and was strengthened constantly, and was prevailed in the period of the Opium War.
4 This model employs MA technology to coordinately process information from each monitored host, and then completes global information extraction of intruder actions.
5 To work coordinately in a distributed network system, a synchronization algorithm must be introduced to assure mutual exclusive access and operation on the critical resource.
6 In order to ensure Chinese economy developing coordinately, we should adjust the original policies and establish a new foreign trade strategy to fit in the new situation.
7 As a partner of zhangchong, we worked coordinately to report to the general manager.
8 However, the expected torque can not be produced due to the singularity, which can be encountered when several CMGs work coordinately.
9 Harmony refers to a state in which things exist and develop coordinately.
10 The socialism harmonious society is the society that material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization developed coordinately.
11 All human activities must get along with nature harmony and get development coordinately.
12 The development of forestry and increasing the percentage of forest cover are very important to the purpose of coordinately developing environment and economy.
13 Both HGF and FGF4 can induce umbilical cord blood MNC to differentiate into hepatocyte-like cells singly or coordinately.
14 Some advices were come up with that model of urban development must be changed and spatial structure must be integrated in order to make them grow coordinately.
15 This paper discusses the principles, technology and industrial production equipment of obtaining absolute alcohol with coordinately separate technique.
16 In order to solve the three problems completely, effectively and coordinately, we must develop the ecological economy.
17 It is urgent for us to follow the reformation principles of gradual advance, classification and elasticity to carry out "many centers education system" and to govern coordinately.
18 The CAPP and CAD modules for micro devices are integrated coordinately to get an optimized design model and mask set.
19 The knowledge-driven economy age has come and music education will face new opportunity and challenge in training talents, promoting the economic moderate development with society coordinately etc.
20 Therefore, each phytochrome gene of rice has distinct roles,[] and all of the phytochrome actions coordinately control the critical daylength response of florigen expression in rice.
21 There may exist negative interactions among HVDC modulators in multi-infeed HVDC systems, so it is necessary to tune the parameters of the HVDC modulators coordinately.
22 We must stand in the height of safeguarding the financial security and social stability developing coordinately our social and economy.
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