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Compressing in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-03-12
Similar words: compressive stresscompressivecompressioncompressibledecompressionincompressibledecompression sicknesscompression waveMeaning: [kəm'pres] n. applying pressure. random good picture
1. Ensure the dimension compressing from the free state to broken line.
2. For compressor, the optimal compressing process is the isothermal process.
3. Coding efficiency is improved by adaptively compressing scaled field mode video.
4. Common term for the technology used for compressing and decompressing data.
5. Compression: The act or process of compressing.
6. It is made by splicing and compressing with special technology after dried high - quality poplar wood.
7. Compressing air expands in nozzle(, and then enters into vortex tube in the tangent line direction.
8. Cool the incoming air - Compressing air raises its temperature.
9. Includes utilities for compressing and maintaining your disks and other system utilities.
10. The blood is compressing his brain, causing his present condition.
11. A compressing optimization method of VRML terrain data files is also studied in this paper.
12. It aims at compressing SV - wave section into P wave section.
13. Reducing military personnel by compressing the scale of the armed forces.
14. With characteristics of neat and recovering after compressing the sealing.
15. A computer program for compressing and decompressing files . See ZIP.
16. A French aeronaut, M. Meunier , tried to attain his end by compressing air in an interior receptacle.
17. Air can be changed to a liquid by cooling and compressing it.
18. You can change the waster sawdust into a useful thing by compressing it into boards.
19. To extract ( juice, for example ) by squeezing or compressing.
20. Shirley leaned forwards on the table, her taper fingers interlaced and compressing each other hard.
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