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Communicative in a sentence

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Sentence count:161+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-13Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: reservedSimilar words: communicationtelecommunicationscommunicatecommunicate withincommunicadoindicativecommunitycommunismMeaning: [kə'mjuːnɪkətɪv] adj. 1. of or relating to communication 2. able or tending to communicate. 
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1) He has a headache and isn't feeling communicative today.
2) She has become a lot more tolerant and communicative.
3) The communicative ability of the whale is thought to be highly developed.
4) We have a very communicative approach to teaching languages.
5) Tom wasn't very communicative - he kept himself to himself.
6) Shopping - bag ladies are not very communicative and take general conversation as an intrusion.
7) I don't find him very communicative.
8) I don't find Peter very communicative.
9) It provides students with the language and communicative skills they will need in their professional lives.
10) It is the rheme that fulfils the communicative purpose of the utterance.
11) What made Reagan extraordinary, beyond his communicative skills,( was his resolute adherence to core beliefs.
12) The existing communicative skills of competent service providers are often underestimated.
13) In other words, the primary communicative function of causal connectives is to signal causal direction.
14) A communicative approach, properly conceived, does not involve the rejection of grammar.
15) For if this were really the case, a communicative approach would have little or nothing to commend it.
16) But as General Grant was neither demonstrative nor communicative, he gave no expression whatever to his feelings.
17) Attaining this state of mutual knowledge of a communicative intention is to have successfully communicated.
18) How then is the full communicative intention to be recognized?
19) Using a variety of communicative skills to transmit knowledge, understanding and feelings.
20) This versatile book combines communicative activities with information on topics as varied as national customs, food, and the generation gap.
21) He was in a bad mood at breakfast and wasn't very communicative.
22) In current pedagogic fashion, behaviourist practices have been largely superseded by cognitive and communicative perspectives on learning.
23) The remaining elements complete the information and fulfil the communicative purpose of the utterance.
24) These methods are, in the terms of the theory, communicative approaches to language teaching.
25) Thus, it is difficult for children to relate the task to their own communicative intentions.
26) I start from the assumption that we are interested in what is done in any communicative act.
27) One has rarely heard him sing with more authority, and never seen him so communicative, happy and funny.
28) It aims to put grammar in a context they can identify with, and includes communicative oral and written practice of structures.
29) The uttering of simple and obvious tautologies should, in principle, have absolutely no communicative import.
30) The reader's conception of the text in this case is the worst possible communicative situation.
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