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Agreement in a sentence

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Synonym: alliancebargainconcordcontractdealpacttreatyunderstandingAntonym: disagreementSimilar words: agreeagree onagree todisagreeagreeableagree withcommencementpreeminentlyMeaning: [-mənt] n. 1. the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises 2. compatibility of observations 3. harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters 4. the thing arranged or agreed to 5. the determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of word relations 6. the verbal act of agreeing. 
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(1) It is conflict and not unquestioning agreement that deeps freedom alive. In a free country there will always be coflicting ideas, and this is a source of strength. 
(2) The company is in default on its loan agreement.
(3) Love means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting.
(4) He remained strongly optimistic that an agreement could be reached.
(5) They had an agreement never to talk about work at home.
(6) Tonight, the peace agreement lies in tatters.
(7) The whole family was in agreement with her about/on what they should do.
(8) This agreement is very ambiguous and open to various interpretations.
(9) An agreement on the formation of a new government was reached on June 6.
(10) We are in agreement with their decision.
(11) The change in the law makes the previous agreement null and void.
(12) We sealed our agreement with a handshake.
(13) We are in full agreement with the points raised in your letter.
(14) Under the terms of the agreement, their funding of the project will continue until 2005.
(15) A peace agreement will be signed by the leaders of the country's warring factions.
(16) There is agreement on the necessity of reforms.
(17) Reaching this agreement so quickly was a great achievement.
(18) At first, they refused to sign the agreement[], but they caved in when they heard another firm was being approached.
(19) Under the agreement the Vietnamese can opt out at any time.
(20) The latest draft of the agreement codifies the panel's decision.
(21) The agreement strengthened the bonds between the two countries.
(22) Does your employer have an agreement with a union?
(23) Agreement was finally reached after very lengthy discussions.
(24) The agreement on cultural cooperation between the two countries was rescinded on 30 April, 2002.
(25) They agreed to draw up a formal agreement.
(26) Two sparrows on one ear of corn make an ill agreement
(27) The initial talks were the base of the later agreement.
(28) Despite threats of strike action, the management remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached.
(29) He was the only person who understood all the arcane details of the agreement.
(30) Despite its financial problems, the company is standing by the no-redundancy agreement.
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