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Improvement in a sentence

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Sentence count:238+32 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-09-22Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: deteriorationSimilar words: improvedmovementinvolvementimplementimplementationimpoverishmentimproperproverbMeaning: [ɪm'pruːvmənt] n. 1. the act of improving something 2. a change for the better; progress in development 3. a condition superior to an earlier condition. 
(1) To care for wisdom and truth and the improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honour and reputation. 
(2) Never neglect an opportunity for improvement
(3) They remained openly sceptical about her promises of improvement.
(4) We expect to see further improvement over the coming year.
(5) Stop smoking and you will see a continuous improvement in your health.
(6) This visit may prefigure an improvement in relations between the two countries.
(7) There is room for further improvement in English.
(8) There is a distinct improvement in your English.
(9) This is a marginal improvement on October.
(10) There has been a gradual improvement in our sales figures over the last two years.
(11) Predictions of an early improvement in the housing market proved false.
(12) There was a marked improvement in my health when I gave up smoking.
(13) The patient showed a marked improvement in her condition after changing medication.
(14) He sees no signs of improvement in the UK and continental economy.
(15) Let us explore the possibilities for improvement.
(16) They made an immense improvement in English.
(17) I can detect signs of improvement in your thinking.
(18) The committee put forward broad recommendations for the improvement of safety at sports grounds.
(19) There's been a noticeable improvement in his handwriting.
(20) Her condition is showing aprogressive improvement.
(21) Much improvement has been made in the public order of the city.
(22) Sales figures continue to show signs of improvement.
(23) Her work is showing some signs of improvement.
(24) There's been a big improvement in the children's behaviour.
(25) The improvement has been across the board, with all divisions either increasing profits or reducing losses.
(26) There is still room for improvement in your work.
(27) There has been an improvement in the weather.
(28) Doctors say he has made a slight improvement.
(29) They negotiated with the management for an improvement in working conditions.
(30) The report suggests that there has only been a marginal improvement in women's pay over the past few years.
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