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Acetylene in a sentence

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Sentence count:87Posted:2017-08-17Updated:2017-08-17
Similar words: tylenolpolyethylenestylestyledin styleperistylelife stylecotyledonMeaning: [ə'setɪlɪn] n. a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis. 
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1 Oh, and the hospital exploded, like an acetylene torch, in tongues of fire.
2 As a 10-year-old kid Pauline used a stolen acetylene torch to decapitate the globe of a gumball machine.
3 It was originally an acetylene light but was converted to propane gas operation in 1963.
4 Cylinders of acetylene were believed to have gone up in what was originally reported as a simple barn fire.
5 There are also several vehicles cut up by acetylene equipment and dumped in a pond.
6 Methods Samples were assayed by acetylene - air flame AAS using releasing agent lanthanum chloride.
7 The acetylene overproof phenomena in a large transformer are analyzed with dissolved gas analysis, and based on its structures, the fault positions are determined.
8 Carbon nanotubes ( CNTs ) were prepared from acetylene at 923 K with Ni as catalysts by chemical vapor deposition ( CVD ).
9 Acetylene, when not dissolved in a solvent (free acetylene), can begin to dissociate (decompose) at pressures above 15 pounds per square inch gauge (psig).
10 The merits of the acetylene gas and the defects of new type of welding gas are completely mixed together on the aspect of theory and practice .
11 Coal pyrolysis in arc plasma jet to produce acetylene is an embodying application.
12 Common market, there are nitrogen, air, hydrogen, ammonia, acetylene, propane,( steam and other special relief valve.
13 The amount of additives of PVDF binder and acetylene black conductor is studied in the paper.
14 Acetylene is a flammable gas stored in cylinders as a dissolved gas.
15 The process conditions of acetylene catalytic oxidation for producing oxalic acid was studied.
16 The gang worked for up to ten hours with acetylene torches to open the vault.
17 Later firemen tackling the blaze were in danger from exploding canisters of acetylene and propane.
18 Company BDO is the world's most advanced to calcium carbide acetylene butanediol as material production facilities.
19 Most aliphatic compounds are flammable, allowing the use of hydrocarbons as fuel, such as methane in Bunsen burners, and acetylene in welding.
20 This paper introduces the design concept of double closed-loop ratio control system as well as the design and the application about acetylene with hydrochloride in chloroethylene synthesis unit.
21 In 1968,[] plant began to liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG ) instead of acetylene cutting.
22 The invention relates a method of synthesizing alkynol with ketone and acetylene.
23 This paper discussed three methods of producting vinyl etherspreparation from acetylene, dehydrohalogenation and acetals.
24 Regular carbon micro-coils were obtained by a catalytic pyrolysis method with acetylene as a carbon resource and Ni as a catalyst and thiophene as a promotor.
25 The strength of coating layer obtained by - shot - felt powder with subsonic oxygen - acetylene spraying technique was discussed.
26 The key problem of coking seriously restricts the stable and continuous operation in thermal plasma downer reactor for the coal cracking process to produce acetylene production.
27 For improving need assembling the casing head, the cutting casing pipe on project, we have designed the device of cutting casing head to change unfavorable factors using acetylene gas to cut case.
28 Acetylene is a simple asphyxiant and anesthetic. Experiments have shown there to be no harmful effects from chronic exposure to acetylene at high concentrations.
29 The work took cutting machine use raw materials for inflammable gas e. g. acetylene, propane, gas, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
30 The comparative study of these catalysts for the hydrochlorination of acetylene is described and the deactivated reason is discussed.
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