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DME in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-04-15Updated:2018-05-26
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1, This article reviews the development of DME as alternative fuel around the world.
2, Chemical mechanism of rubber expansion in DME was analysed, and different rubber materials were selected to test the expansion, the tensile strength, the elongation at break, and the hardness.
3, This paper presents an experimental and computational study on the combustion and exhaust emissions in a direct injection compression ignition engine operated on dimethyl ether (DME).
4, HA 5528 A laser DME ( distance measurement equipment ) is a measuring instrument of high accuracy.
5, AGILITY TUNING, The capability of the DME to alternately tune between two different DME stations in order to get two distance readings from one interrogator.
6, The power performance of DME engine after optimal setting was investigated.
7, We are on the 356 radial CH DME 46.
8, Draeger Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Company Limited (DME) is an enterprise solely invested by Draeger Medical Joint Stock Company Limited.
9, Dirmethyl ether ( DME ) Can be synthesized catalytic dehydration of methanol.
10, DME HCCI engine could only work within a limited range of speed and load under a limited air fuel ratio.
11, In this paper, the spray characteristics of DME spray impinging on a wall have been investigated by use of the shadow photographic method.
12, DME volume set to more believable level.
13, The potential and prospect of DME as an automotive fuel is discussed and national project of first city bus fuelled with DME in China is introduced in detail.
14, The liquid - vapor phase equilibrium for DME - N 2 system was calculated by an equation of state.
15, If no faults are stored in the DME but the fault lamp is lit, check the transmission control unit.
16, DME has shortest lifetime in atmosphere and lowest price than above any other fluoro blowing agents.
17, The laminar flame speeds of dimethyl ether ( DME ) and air mixtures for equivalence ratio from 0.
18, Diffusion combustion of DME take a large percentage in the combustion process and burning velocity of diffusion combustion of DME is quick.
19, The heat capacity, one of the most basic thermophysical properties absent for DMC and DME.
20, A radio navigational aid for determining the distance from a selected DME ground station by measuring the time of transmission to and from it.
21, The decomposition reaction of the produced species by H-atom abstraction is the main path of DME consumption at high temperature.
22, The estimated results give a good precision for non - polar molecule of DME.
23, The experimental method of this paper is firstly to do an interactive experiment between DME and diesel fuel to prove that the blended fuel can meet the diesel engine requirements.
24, The chemical kinetic mechanisms of dimethyl ether(DME) and LPG was analyzed. A chemical kinetic mechanism was put forward to explain the combustion of DME/LPG blended fuel by using HCCI.
25, External cost of life cycle emissions (ECLCE), an indictor to compare life cycle environmental preference of conventional diesel biodiesel, DME,[] and F-T diesel was put forward.
26, CH VOR is on maintenance, report your radial ( bearing ) and DME from MK.
27, In the intermediate term ( 10 ~15 years ), stepstep disseminate the DME as alternative of diesel fuel.
28, This paper aims at the electronic control system of four - cylinder DME engine based on PRVI.
29, In addition to the significant merit of no soot emission, DME would be of better ignition quality, lower autoignition temperature and better atomization compared to diesel fuel.
30, FLT plan on route, initial way climb to 7000 FT on ILS localizer until DME 30. Squawk A 3572.
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