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Numerical calculation in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2022-08-15Updated:2022-08-15
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1 Numerical calculation is based on the basic wave equations with the method of finite difference time domain in oblate spheroidal coordinate system.
2 Numerical calculation to the temperature field of structural member and hyperstatic structure was also carried.
3 Significant figure in numerical calculation is illustrated and the general features of the calculator are given.
4 As an example of applications, numerical calculation is performed to calculate the losses of Bessel-Gaussian beams propagating through a circular aperture.
5 Through numerical calculation and analysis, the effects of structure parameters on far field pattern and threshold current density are studied.
6 A numerical calculation of enhanced heat transfer efficiency of LFT is finished in this paper by the boundary element method.
7 By means of numerical calculation, the distribution of flow in a lock chamber manifold is investigated. The results show that edge-shape of lock chamber ports, culvert length an...
8 One numerical calculation method is studied by using the three - dimension unstructured cartesian grid and N - S equations.
9 Through the numerical calculation the curves of elastodynamic natural frequency and responses varythe time were obtained.
10 A numerical calculation method for intensity function and polarization ratio of the collimated incident beam scattered by small particles is given.
11 Calculate the sensitivity coefficient by numerical calculation during estimating the uncertainty that brought by the uncertainty of the direct measurement parameters.
12 The numerical calculation method is adopted to study the energy characteristics of axial-flow turbine.
13 Numerical calculation also indicates that excited state energy increases with increasing temperature.
14 Numerical calculation shows that the constitutive model given here can well simulate the behavior of polycrystal MT.
15 The numerical calculation result is in concordance with experiment,[] and this method successfully simulates the important features of the flowing process in mold cavity.
16 The numerical calculation algorithm for the water quality modeling set up in this paper can be applied to shallow river with similar topographically complicated river course in plain region.
17 The Tokamak equilibrium fitting numerical calculation code EFIT is modified to study the MUD ( magnetohydrodynamics ) equilibrium in an EAST device.
18 Numerical calculation has been taken for rectangular crack and the distribution of stress intensity factors along the crack edge has been obtained.
19 The stream line coordinates and corresponding orthogonal coordinates are used, and the mixed difference method is adopted in numerical calculation for solving transonic S1 or S2 stream surface.
20 The classical homogeneous nucleation theory was adopted. The theoretical analysis and numerical calculation of water vapor condensation process were completed by means of the characteristic method.
21 According to mechanism of low frequency broadband noise of the propeller, theoretical analysis method is given and numerical calculation of the noise is carried out as well.
22 This article discusses the interference range of plane parallel film and non-parallel plane film in detail and gives the numerical calculation result.
23 Besides that, we presents the gravitational wave energy density under the weak field situation and gives the x - y plane numerical calculation to curvature scalar R and energy density .
24 The radiation efficiency of cooperative system has been investigated with numerical calculation, in which the target has been regard as black body.
25 The output power and optical efficiency of different resonator parameters and pump power have been analyzed with numerical calculation.
26 The effects of moisture vaporization and organic matter pyrolysis on crown fire spreading are discussed, and the characteristic curves are obtained by numerical calculation.
27 The effect of reactive load to resonance frequency of horn is analyzed by numerical calculation.
28 In the paper, the parameters of the prior data distribution are given by numerical calculation.
29 According to mechanism of low-frequency broadband noise of the propeller, theoretical analysis method is given and numerical calculation of the noise is worked out as well.
30 Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm is used to solve the wave equation and numerical calculation is made on the directional force seismic source. Its characteristics are also analysed.
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