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Convolute in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2017-02-20Updated:2017-02-20
Similar words: convolutedresoluteabsoluteevolutiondissolutedevolutionrevolutionconvoyMeaning: ['kɒnvəluːt] v. 1. curl, wind, or twist together 2. practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive. adj. rolled longitudinally upon itself. 
(1) To convolute the polyamide film (2) on the cylinder paper tube (1) when pressing the polyamide file (2) using contacting roll (3).
(2) The reasonable parameters of the convolute air cover and axial speed attenuation rule were found.
(3) Sanding Wheels Abrasive Wheels , Flap Wheels, Convolute Wheels, Polyurethane Wheels, Buffing Wheels, Polishing Wheels, Finishing Wheels.
(4) Sedimentary structures of scoured bases, slumps, and convolute beddings can be observed in these deposits.
(5) Determination of the Content of Flavonoids in Marchantia convolute L.
(6) A novel method based on convolute image representation and cross section imaging of proteomic mass spectrum is proposed to visually analyze the complicated proteomic profiling.
(7) Single-phase AC torque motor is popular in convolute, stop rotation and speed control.
(8) Shanks: It's the use of mythology in a very liberal kind of way, to take unexplained mythology from our past and to convolute it and put our own take on what it is supposed to represent.
(9) We want to buy Sanding Wheels, Abrasive Wheels, Flap Wheels, Convolute Wheels, Polyurethane Wheels, Buffing Wheels, Polishing Wheels, Finishing Wheels.
(10) The ovarian structure is complex in most of the adults. 23% of specimens have some convolute rings of uterus before the ventral sucker.
(11) But the saddle point in the imaginary plane should convolute here.
(12) These methods were used to determine flavonoids in Marchantia convolute with satisfactory results.
(13) This is a new type for large or mid-large cities, as it has a moderate flight height and a wonderful shape, though it also using a convolute set to lock up the motor.
(14) Ti - O film was prepared by microwave - electron convolute resonance ( MW - ECR ) magnetron filter arc deposition process.
(15) This paper introduces a familiar kind of computer control system for convolute product line, and discusses its composition, main function and implementation method.
(16) But I would say most predominately, I'm always trying to convolute everyone's idea of what a pop music video should be.
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