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Reticulocyte in a sentence

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Similar words: granulocytemeticulousmeticulouslyreticulemeticulousnessreticulumreticulatereticulatedMeaning: n. an immature red blood cell containing a network of filaments or granules. 
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1. Objective To establish the normal range of reticulocyte percentage and reticulocyte maturity index in healthy people and to compare it with anemia patients.
2. Conclusion Reticulocyte indices are the sensitive and reliable early indicators to evaluate the effect of iron therapy in patients with IDA.
3. Conclusion Flow cytometry determining reticulocyte percentage and reticulocyte maturity index seems to be rapid, objective and precise method, and appropriate for clinical detection.
4. Conclusion: The ratio of krge thrombocyte and immature reticulocyte count increases in patients with chronic ITP.
5. Objective To study the effects of reticulocyte analysis from blood sample in various storage conditions.
6. Objective To evaluate a kind of modified reticulocyte staining solution.
7. Conclusion The percentage of peripheral reticulocyte percentage is an effective index to predict the suppression of bone morrow hematopoiesis during solid tumor chemotherapy.
8. The application of flow cytometer in reticulocyte analysis is introduced at last.
9. The effects of mouse reticulocyte cytoplasmic factor on differentiation pathway of human promyelocytic leukemia cells were discussed.
10. Objective To establish the method of the reticulocyte counting by flow cytometry and to apply in clinical laboratory.
11. Objective To explore the changes of immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF) in renal anemia.
12. Reticulocyte evaluation in this condition, however(, has been poorly performed so far.
13. Objective To discuss the clinical value of reticulocyte hemoglobin content in children's iron deficiency anemia.
14. Hemoglobin concentration and the number of reticulocyte decreased greatly, while serum erythropoietin (EPO) level increased significantly.
15. Silk being universally heart, reticulocyte Wuzhou situation.
16. ObjectiveTo explore the changes of reticulocyte multiple parameters and their clinical significance in patients with thalassemia minor.
17. Conclusion: Hemoglobin concentration of low level[], low reticulocyte counts and exchange transfusion before phototherapy may correlate to failure of phototherapy.
18. We excluded recently transfused patients and no patients had increased reticulocyte counts.
19. Objective To study the clinical diagnosis values of new reticulocyte indices for iron deficiency anemia.
20. There existed some characters of event group in erythrocyte parameters and reticulocyte parameters of those athletes.
21. Objective : To observe the effect of ion concentration in staining solution on reticulocyte dyeing.
22. Objective To study the clinical diagnosis values of new reticulocyte indices for iron deficiency anemia(IDA).
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