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Reinforcing in a sentence

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1. Both sides have been reinforcing their positions after yesterday's fierce fighting.
2. Violent behaviour and rejection by society are mutually reinforcing.
3. The circular and mutually reinforcing nature of the social production of facts about child abuse can be illustrated diagrammatically.
4. It becomes intentional if the effect is reinforcing.
5. Operant conditioning involves contiguity, in that the reinforcing event follows closely the production of a response.
6. Second, it reduced perceptions of risk, reinforcing executives' decisions to locate in the area.
7. Moreover, these are mutually reinforcing trends.
8. These findings were welcomed as reinforcing the need for top universities to do more to attract working-class and state-school students.
9. New values thus have the effect of reinforcing traditional differences.
10. Such integration may be seen as reinforcing an allegiant rather than a neutral or alienated orientation to the political system.
11. We will be protecting and reinforcing the existing sewer with an additional concrete seal around it.
12. We pass half-finished buildings, the inverted roots of reinforcing rods sprouting from concrete columns: the opposite of ruins.
13. While the above are possibly reinforcing features, school curricula, may also evoke tensions in gender identities.
14. On the contrary, they can be mutually reinforcing.
15. Instead of reinforcing the detachment and alienation implied by the electronics, Bowie frequently counters those qualities with rich, expansive melodies.
16. Several unique, yet mutually reinforcing, factors have been at work to stimulate the pace of the process.
17. There is no important causal connection between the reinforcing effect of a stimulus and the feelings to which it gives rise.
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18. If red candies have a reinforcing flavor and green candies do not, the child takes and eats red candies.
19. Managers may value different qualities in men than in women, reinforcing gender stereotypes.
20. Unfortunately some manufacturers use colour as a means of reinforcing brand identity.
21. These interfere with each other, cancelling each other out or reinforcing each other to produce bigger waves.
22. But by the following morning I could have used a little reinforcing myself.
23. To make a value judgment by calling something good or bad is to classify it in terms of its reinforcing effects.
24. This programme was designed to improve their relationship with Gary by providing opportunities for mutually reinforcing activities.
25. I had been sending my child the wrong message for years and here I was reinforcing that message.
26. For operant conditioning to work, at least some stimuli must be reinforcing, and others aversive, without previous training.
27. Consent, duly qualified, can play a subordinate but none the less valuable role in reinforcing independent obligations.
28. A similar problem arises when the deferred consequences are positively reinforcing.
29. As late as 1964, Bulkeley, by then an admiral, was reinforcing his position as one of my heroes.
30. In so doing, politicians seem intent on marginalising the Beveridge inheritance and reinforcing social divisions.
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