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Distraught in a sentence

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Sentence count:77+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-22Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: collectedSimilar words: fraughtdistractdistractedlyhaughtydaughterburst into laughterdistressdistrictMeaning: [dɪ'strɔːt] adj. deeply agitated especially from emotion. random good picture
1 Her distraught mother had spent all night waiting by the phone.
2 Weeks after the accident she remained distraught.
3 The missing child's distraught parents made an emotional appeal for information on TV.
4 She sounded absolutely distraught.
5 Relatives are tonight comforting the distraught parents.
6 I became a distraught, worried mother, a useless role if ever there was one.
7 I was distraught and let out a bellow of tearful rage.
8 His distraught parents were being comforted by relatives.
9 The child's distraught parents pleaded for witnesses to contact the police.
10 They were terribly distraught at the news of his accident.
11 His mother's death left him utterly distraught.
12 She's still too distraught to speak about the tragedy.
13 The androids had pulled the shaking and distraught officer from the wreck of the room and taken him directly to their controller.
14 Mrs Drummond was distraught when she realised Isabelle's condition.
15 Distraught Ron appeals to Jimmy to help him get a gun so that he will be able to protect his family.
16 In her distraught state Polly found herself prey to the most paranoid of musings.
17 The distraught parents of the missing baby have made a public appeal for her return.
18 We were all distraught about the accident, but Mama was the most upset.
19 Last night, Horsewell's distraught girlfriend cancelled their church wedding.
20 Andrea was too distraught to speak as police probed the tragedy at Gabalfa, Cardiff, yesterday.
21 Beals, also working up a sweat, wears a distraught look through most of the movie.
22 There he had met a distraught Isobel and her broken-hearted schoolgirl sister, Dorothy.
23 In the latter, the distraught man is painted with his hands across his chest.
24 Giap did not learn of their deaths for three years, and he was distraught when he heard the news.
25 Normally serene palms toss their woolly mop heads like distraught grieving women who can not take any more suffering.
26 I knew it was just idle threats, but a lot wouldn't have - they'd have been distraught.
27 All over the world prices were plummeting and so were distraught financiers.
28 Gibson and Rene Russo turn out impressive performances as the distraught parents,[] and Sinise is appropriately evil.
29 She soaked for ten minutes, allowing the hot water to warm her body and soothe her distraught nerves.
30 Beneath his highly cool exterior he was anguished and distraught.
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