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Intellectualism in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
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1 Andrew Hacker gives campus-based intellectualism a good name.
2 His intellectualism now was leavened by experience.
3 Powell people referred to the defense secretary's ruminative intellectualism as "The Aspin University."
4 You cannot understand God through intellectualism, philosophy or scholarship. It is only through humility and service that you can understand God. There is no other way.
5 The false choice between intellectualism and sexuality in women has persisted through the ages. There was no more poignant victim of it than Marilyn Monroe.
6 The false choice between intellectualism and sexuality in women has persisted through the ages.
7 It avoids the intellectualism of Christian theology.
8 Both of our civilizations have history of intellectualism. Very active minds.
9 The band is quietly leading a sincere revolution,[] knitting a genuine boyish irony and bookish intellectualism to instantly memorable songs.
10 But the main significance of Chasidism was its reaction against the intellectualism of some rabbinical traditions.
11 And academic recognition particularly so, because mass appeal and intellectualism so seldom meet on the same plane.
12 The body narrative of New Metropolis Novels' has embodied two tendencies, anti- intellectualism and hedonism under the common function of consumerism and mass culture since 1990's.
13 Thinkers in age of the Enlightenment think that progress of reason will bring about moral progress, but intellectualism contained by the Enlightenment mentality makes knowledge and virtue divorced.
14 With all of our scientific and technological achievements... with all of our intellectualism, we cannot escape Jesus.
15 Centuries later, torch-lit parades of right-wing German students burnt pillaged books in protest against what they saw as the creeping stain of Jewish intellectualism on national culture.
16 Stanford seemed like fertile ground for the sort of peripatetic intellectualism on display in The Origins of Political Order.
17 Britain's large tabloid presence represents a hangover from the old class system: a wide suspicion of intellectualism and an unhealthy disregard for serious news, informed debate or educated opinion.
18 In fact, Albert Einstein, the very poster boy of intellectualism, intensely disliked school.
19 Throughout the weekend, Dr. Hew Len gave us tools for transformation, tools that totally defy intellectualism.
20 It is not difficult to find symptoms of pervasive anti- intellectualism in our school.
21 "This is a very important case because it deals with reading and promotes intellectualism, " said Michael Janela, a Guinness official who certified the record.
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