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Friendliness in a sentence

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Sentence count:112+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-26Updated:2017-03-26
Similar words: friendlyunfriendlyfriendboyfriendbest friendgirlfriendfriendshipbosom friendMeaning: ['fren(d)lɪnɪs] n. 1. a feeling of liking for another person; enjoyment in their company 2. a friendly disposition. 
1. Her friendliness soon overcame the prejudice of her stepchildren.
2. His kind smile soon generated friendliness.
3. Wishing you glad days filled with friendliness,bright days filled with cheer,warm days filled with happiness to last throughout the year!Have a wonderful brithday1.
4. Wishing you glad days filled with friendliness, bright days filled with cheer, warm days filled with happiness to last throughout the year! Have a wonderful brithday!
5. Despite his outward display of friendliness, I sensed he was concealing something.
6. This hotel can't be matched for friendliness.
7. Behind the mask of friendliness, I know he really dislikes me.
8. We were greeted with warmth and friendliness.
9. He wondered what was behind his neighbour's sudden friendliness.
10. He treated me with friendliness.
11. He read love into her casual friendliness.
12. The friendliness was gone from his voice.
13. Their friendliness was only pretence.
14. We were charmed by the friendliness of the local people.
15. His pretence at friendliness fooled no one.
16. She also loves the friendliness of the people.
17. His manner was a blend of friendliness and respect.
18. There was a sincere expression of friendliness on both their faces.
19. We felt the salesman's synthetic friendliness.
20. This friendliness wasn't an isolated incident.
21. Plus, a nickname implies jocularity, popularity,( a certain friendliness and charm.
22. When you first meet her, she gives a superficial impression of warmth and friendliness.
23. The enemy mask their enmity under an appearance of friendliness.
24. She disguised her hate by a false show of friendliness.
25. By this time his workaholic lifestyle was well established, though always hidden behind his easy friendliness.
26. I thought the Danakil an attractive-looking people, and despite their murderous reputation they appeared to manifest a genuine friendliness.
27. Throughout his life he never lost the admiration for the mind, character, warmth, and friendliness of Temple.
28. As we walked around this pretty little island we were charmed by the friendliness of the local people.
29. They should also inform shoppers as to the product's environmental friendliness from cradle to grave - evaluated according to standardized criteria.
30. Their conversations with suspects are likely to be more intelligible than the form-filling friendliness of any number of custody officers.
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