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Crotch in a sentence

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Similar words: crotchetyrotefrothbrothercarrotprotoncropprotestMeaning: [krɒtʃ] n. 1. the region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches 2. the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk 3. external sex organ. 
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1. Glover kicked him hard in the crotch.
2. There's a hole in the crotch.
3. They were too long in the crotch.
4. The young almond trees were crotch deep in river water.
5. E-e started kissing her crotch, very gently, his lips barely touching the fabric.
6. It had been split open from neck to crotch.
7. Her hand brushed against his crotch lightly.
8. There was a dark stain around the crotch of the trousers.
9. His wool-blend slacks are creased at the crotch.
10. Scalzo tugged at his crotch, looking the man right in the eye.
11. The crotch is a notched stick which holds both harpoons.
12. He actually heard it slosh around in his crotch.
13. He has a dull heavy ache in the crotch.
14. The child was sitting on a crotch of a tree.
15. I see a Renaissance at his crotch under your splayed legs.
16. Saddle width is too narrow and low in crotch.
17. He climbed into the crotch of a tree.
18. Unless I see at least a hint of contour[], I assume a crotch has been padded.
19. Trent came after him, right foot driving at his crotch but hitting his thigh as he rolled again.
20. Even when his hands pat their way up to my crotch it is less embarrassing than having a tailor measure my inside leg.
21. Wally dropped his head into my lap and began nuzzling my crotch.
22. A hushed audience watched her spread her legs, and present the broom handle to her open crotch.
23. When it started again there was a new pain a sharp burning sensation in her crotch.
24. Here's a pair of jeans, pulled down to reveal a shaven male crotch.
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25. Her free hand reached down through her lap to grab a sincere handful of my crotch.
26. The minute the dog wore new pet clothes, it urinated and wet its crotch.
27. A convenient pant is characterized in that a run-through opening is arranged from a crotch to a front and back waist and the opening is provided with a slide fastener so as to close the opening.
28. Rick Riker : Try to breathe! Uncle Albert: I can't. You're kneeling on my crotch!
29. Harem - like shapes have funneled through denim to create ballooned ankles and dropped - crotch designs on capri lengths.
30. A busty girl in an air hostess costume waves an artificial vagina in my face then shakes it near her crotch.
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