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Constantinople in a sentence

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Similar words: constantineconstantinconstantconstantlyconstancyinstantiateinstantaneousinstantaneouslyMeaning: n. 1. the largest city and former capital of Turkey; rebuilt on the site of ancient Byzantium by Constantine I in the fourth century; renamed Constantinople by Constantine who made it the capital of the Byzantine Empire; now the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church 2. the council in 869 that condemned Photius who had become the patriarch of Constantinople without approval from the Vatican, thereby precipitating the schism between the eastern and western churches 3. the sixth ecumenical council in 680-681 which condemned Monothelitism by defining two wills in Christ, divine and human 4. the fifth ecumenical council in 553 which held Origen's writings to be heretic 5. the second ecumenical council in 381 which added wording about the Holy Spirit to the Nicene Creed. 
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1. My imagination endowed Constantinople with all the magic of the East.
2. From an early date the imperial palaces at Constantinople incorporated decorative schemes that emphasized and glorified imperial power and dominion.
3. And the Byzantine coins imply some connection with Constantinople.
4. They stayed on in Constantinople and became the nucleus of the Varangian Guard, which lasted for many centuries.
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5. One can debate whether gatherings after Constantinople or after Trent have been ecumenical, but it is a sterile argument.
6. Their fleets soon arrived at Constantinople and the war promised to be the most wide-ranging since the fall of the first Napoleon.
7. It gives a precious glimpse of Constantinople 's most famous image of the Virgin Mary painted it was believed from the life by Saint Luke himself.
8. Michael's entry into Constantinople in 1261 marked the restoration of the empire as a major power.
9. In 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, it became a mosque with minarets.
10. I, who have a seraglio at cairo atat Constantinople, preside at a wedding?
11. I have never visited Constantinople at all.
12. Constantine I is the eponym for constantinople.
13. Thus, Constantinople was able to begin silk production, about 550 A.
14. The throne is thought to have been made in Constantinople and given by Justinian to his viceroy Maximian.
15. The majestic castle walls, with their varying bands of stone, were modelled on the walls of Constantinople.
16. I felt a bit like a Circassian slave being taken to Constantinople.
17. I had read Eothen and other tales of Eastern travel and my imagination endowed Constantinople with all the magic of the East.
18. His operational flying looked as promising as his civilian flying had, until he went on a night bombing raid over Constantinople.
19. In 581 a Frankish legation sent by Chilperic I returned from Constantinople with numerous gifts.
20. Many flooded on to the market after the Sack of Constantinople in 1204.
21. Church decoration extravagance, display a number of Venice, from the Constantinople Crusaders looted booty.
22. His armies devastated and looted right down to the walls of Constantinople.
23. Orient Express: Luxury train that ran from Paris to Constantinople ( Istanbul ) for over 80 years ( 1883 - 1977 ).
24. Leonardo was also commissioned to design a bridge that would span the great harbor of Constantinople.
25. The Tzar Nicholas I of Russia ( 1825 - 1856) was also becoming aggressive and pressing southward upon the Turkish Empire with his eyes on Constantinople.
26. Ottomann capital move decision now requires control as well as ownership of Constantinople.
27. The objective was to gain control of the Dardanelles Strait, and then to press on and take Constantinople.
28. Hagia Sophia served as model for several of the great Turkish mosques of Constantinople.
29. From that base he soon began a long series of saber-rattling negotiations with the capitals of the Roman Empire at Constantinople in the East and Ravenna in the West.
30. Thousands of European churches were dedicated to him, one as early as the sixth century, built by the Roman emperor Justinian I, at Constantinople.
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