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Coexistent in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-04-15Updated:2018-04-15
Similar words: coexistencecoexistcoexistingcome into existenceexistentnon-existentnonexistentexistentialistMeaning: [‚kəʊɪg'zɪstənt] adj. existing at the same time. random good picture
1. When cholesteric and isotropy phase were coexistent, the solution showed multi - texture behavior with variation of concentration.
2. INTRODUCTION :This work shows various coexistent conflicts of things between inside and outside, opening and closing , connecting and cutting off, etc.
3. When cholesteric phase and isotropy phase were coexistent , the solution showed multi-texture behavior with variation of concentration.
4. As an organization coexistent of profitability and public resistance, the state-owned enterprise has the superiority and responsibility in the management of natural disaster crises.
5. The effects of matrix and coexistent elements on the determination were studied.
6. And the a gas liquid coexistent line.
7. The numerical experiments are used to analyze the lost profit because of ignoring the inventory-driven substitutable demand when price-driven and inventory-driven are coexistent.
8. Chunks allocated at about the same time by a program tend to have similar reference patterns and coexistent lifetimes.
9. There's a coexistence between the gas phase and the liquid phase. And what does it mean for A liquid to be coexistent with A in the gas phase?
10. Implicit learning and explicit learning, which consist of a coexistent system working in parallel and mutual independent way, are the two types of learning.
11. Coronary heart disease ( CHD ) and depression are always coexistent and affect each other.
12. Harmony is a state in which all quarters of contradictory things become united, coordinated, coexistent and developing in certain conditions.
13. To explore the clinical relationship between nodular goiter and coexistent thyroid cancer and their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
13. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. The influences of acidity, developer dosage, developing time and coexistent ions on determination results were studied.
15. New measures of economic performance are needed, ones that consider human wellbeing as coexistent with the health of the natural world, and account for the state of nature's capital.
16. Research findings show: residential public demand is transforming from a unitary pattern of survival to a pluralist, coexistent pattern of survival and enjoyment and development.
17. At last it analyzes the problem facing private finance at present from the coexistent relationship between private economy and private finance.
18. The establishment of its value means the culture of childhood has become an independent culture and has become coexistent with adult culture.
19. Experiment simulation plays an important role in researching the theory of energy coexistent.
20. The mating status of field-collected male and female moths can be determined by the use of cornuti, spermatophore, and the coexistent relations of cornuti and spermatophore.
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