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Chloral in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2018-09-14Updated:2018-09-14
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1 The results produced by chloral hydrate suppository hard and soft moderate, stable, easy to use for clinical.
2 Condensation of phenol and chloral over HY zeolite catalysts was studied in detail.
3 The increasing dose of chloral hydrate through single intraperitoneal injection to prolong the anesthesia duration resulted in enhancing the inhibition of cardiac function.
4 The purpose of the preparation of chloral hydrate suppository and its quality control methods.
5 Our research is to study the effects of chloral hydrate on the contractility of isolated skeleton muscle in toads.
6 A solution, usually of chloral hydrate in alcohol, put into a drink surreptitiously in order to render the drinker unconscious.
7 Chloral hydrate is a rapidly effective hypnotic.
8 Objective To discuss the effect of6.5%Oral drug of chloral hydrate used for controlling activity of different age children in oral examination and treatment.
9 Plus Chloral Hydrate has a cross tolerance with Nembutal.
10 Conclusion The composure function of chloral hydrate taking by enema is superior that of taking orally.
11 Is there any negative reactions between Chloral Hydrate and Nembutal?
12 Conclusion chloral hydrate suppository preparation method is simple, accurate and reliable method of quality control.
13 Animals were kept under light anaesthesia thereafter with ip chloral hydrate.
14 Later plagued by intense back pain that had migrated to his neck he took the hypnotic drug chloral hydrate as a sleep aid and tried electric-shock therapy which failed to provide relief.
15 At NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama scientists dosed spiders with marijuana, the "downer" chloral hydrate,[] the "upper" Benzedrine and on caffeine.
16 Conclusion It is more satisfactory to give 10 % chloral hydrate orally in infants and by clysis in little children and children before school age.
17 Objective The contact allergenic activity of trichloroethylene and its three metabolites trichloroacetic acid, trichloroethanol, chloral hydrate were studied.
18 The toxicologist discovered in addition to the Nembutal present there was also a large dose of Chloral Hydrate.
19 Objective To investigate the anesthetic effects of 10 % chloral hydrate given by different routes in children with different ages before ophthalmic examination.
20 Aim To establish an HPLC method for the determination of Camphor in Camphor and Chloral Hydrate Tincture.
21 Results:It was found that all of these factors had influence on the stability of chloral hydrate.
22 The left hypoglossal nerve of the mouse was cut under 4% chloral hydrate anesthesia, and then the skin was sutured.
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