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Borax in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-08-06Updated:2017-08-06
Similar words: thoraxelaboratelaboratoryelaboratedelaboratelyelaborationcollaboratecorroborateMeaning: ['bɔːræks] n. an ore of boron consisting of hydrated sodium borate; used as a flux or cleansing agent. 
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1. Instead, mix ordinary wallpaper paste with borax to inhibit mould and fungus.
2. It was cured in borax by wholesalers from Chicago in 1892.
3. Some of the Borax will fall to the bottom of the container. 3.
4. E1 was in the kitchen, sweeping borax into a dustpan.
5. Lightly dust flowers with borax powder to preserve colour better.
6. Results: Borax effervescent tablet conforms to the standard of Chinese Pharmacopeias.
7. The special chemical structure character of borax results in that it can be used as bonding agent in some conditions.
8. Borax is the compound commonly applied to the soil to correct boron deficiency.
9. The effect of borax ordered in 0.2 % & gt; 0.3 % .
10. Mix it with Borax to make a great scouring powder.
11. Boron compounds like boric acid or borax will form tackifying precipitates.
12. The effects of borax glass inhibitor content on oxidation resistance of C/C composites was studied by oxidation experiments. The oxidation mechanism was analyzed on the basis of SEM results.
13. Or sprinkle a solution of flour and borax around the yard.
14. Boron slurry is the waste of borax manufacture.
15. Borax carmine A dye used to stain nuclei for light microscopy.
16. It was investigated that chromizing in borax salt bath and melting hydrochloride.
17. Borax is always used in making glass.
18. Borax fluxing agent was added to four kinds of ash in terms of different quality ratios.
19. Borax must be reduced to powder for infants.
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20. He had scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned the stove, and was sprinkling borax around the edges of the room.
21. If this is the cause try spraying the trees at petal fall with borax solution.
22. Ralph smiled brightly and moved into the pantry with the borax.
23. Using the orthogonal matrix experimental method, the effects of borax or TDI on the PVA adhesive were discussed.
24. The influence of amount of wood coal addition on the agglomeration of pack boriding agent with borax has been discussed.
25. Associated Minerals are halite , calcite , sulfur , pyrite , borax and many others.
26. As sodium borohydride releases its hydrogen, it turns back into borax so it can be recycled.
27. Simplex optimization is used to study the composition of boronizing agents consisting mainly of borax.
28. Cross-linked gel systems consisting of low molecular weight cationic modified guar gum(LMWCGG) and borax were studied.
29. This article also studies the impacts of acid, alkali, sugar, salt, borax, alum and monoglyceride on starch viscosity.
30. The cross linking modification of polyvinyl alcohol ( PVA ) adhesive was explored adding diisocyanate ( TDI ) and borax.
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