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Context-free in a sentence

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1. This ability removes the restriction on context-free grammars that only a finite set of grammatical categories are allowed.
2. If you work with a context-free grammar, the structure of n-gram (see Resources) might be what you require.
3. According' to the context-free grammar model of GEP, the dissertation point out that Candida's GEP techniques cannot process context-free grammar with multiple none-terminals.
4. The service's boundaries should encapsulate a reusable, context-free capability.
5. Probabilistic context-free grammar can provide a solution to this problem: select the one whose probability is maximum from the ambiguity.
6. In order to keep this method as context-free as possible, we grab the file as an InputStream out of the ClassLoader that loaded the class.
7. Data structures are context-free because they can be used with any type of data and in a variety of situations or contexts.
8. Have a context-free grammar. Successful parsing must not require semantic analysis.
9. Context-free (and other formal) grammars are pretty complex.
10. Using the defined context-free grammars, XSeq avoids the sequential scan of irrelevant compressed data and processes only data values that are to be matched by the given query.
11. Fuzzy context-free grammar is one important kind of grammars.
12. Goes for the justice for the majority of context-free grammar of the language to describe it are available for effective analysis.
13. In addition, context-free grammars allow XSeq to process queries directly over the compressed file without full or partial decompression.
14. These are very general, context-free categories (as are the18 areal of competence they include).
15. A probabilistic context-free grammar (or PCFG) is a context-free grammar that associates a probability with each of its productions.
16. An efficient probabilistic syntactic analysis algorithm uses a table of function words and a set of probabilistic(context-free) rules containing the function words in the syntactic analysis.
17. Proposes the context-free grammar model for GEP.
18. Proves that the presentation power of GEP and the context-free grammar with one none - terminal are equivalent.
19. This paper briefly introduces the classification of words and part-of-speech tagging , then introduces a computer model of syntactic processing: context-free grammar.
20. Some sentences have more than one structure, that is to say , these sentences are ambiguous. Context-free grammar can effectively express ambiguity, but it cann't resolve the ambiguity.
21. Meanwhile a method to construct a normalized form for a lattice - valued context-free tree grammar is presented.
22. it doesn't begin with what Wittgenstein terms a "form of life," but must build up a form of life, a world, from the only thing it has and is, "bits of context-free, completely determinate data.
23. There is a very close relation between fuzzy pushdown automata and fuzzy context-free grammars.
24. First, a structural model has been put forward and constructed for general ICS', then by utilization of formal language theory, the structural model formulated as a kind of context-free grammar.
25. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, offers an overview of Computational linguistics and context-free grammars with, as always, good links to more information about both.
26. Finally, you can design your own programming or domain-specific language with the help of ANTLR Studio, which lets you create context-free grammar definitions based on the ANTLR framework.
27. Probabilistic grammar assigns a probability to a sentence or a string of words, while attempting to capture more sophisticated syntactic information than the context-free grammar (CFG).
28. With F rule, FP rule and BP rule, some of the context-free languages cannot be accepted.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. In this paper, the definitions of fuzzy tree automata and fuzzy context-free tree grammars are extended to a more general lattice-ordered monoid.
30. In this article we prove that the evolution language of rule 56 ECAwith width 1 is context-free language, and obtain the evolution language's strict mathematical expression.
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