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Venereal in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: funerealveneryvenerateconvenercerealetherealvenerablescrivenerMeaning: [vɪ'nɪrɪəl /-'nɪər-] adj. of or relating to the external sex organs. random good picture
1. By 1980, venereal disease was widespread-and four out of every five of the patients were homosexual men.
2. He told me he had had so many venereal diseases at this point that he knew to wash up immediately afterward.
3. In 1942 and 1943 the rate of venereal disease in San Francisco rose by more than 75 percent.
4. Precisely the same is true where a venereal disease is communicated or pregnancy ensues.
5. Unlike venereal disease, leprosy came to Western attention relatively late.
6. Military returns had reported a steady increase in venereal infection among the men since the 1820s.
7. The rules also require women be tested for venereal diseases that might complicate abortions.
8. Mr Miller was a venereal disease specialist with the State Health Department.
9. Officially reported cases of gonorrhoea, syphilis and other venereal diseases now number more than 375,000, which surely understates things.
10. They could also lead to unwanted pregnancies and venereal disease, both on the increase among young people.
11. Moreover, prostitution and venereal disease, supposedly eliminated under Mao, are once again flourishing.
12. Rumour has it that he contracted a venereal disease at some point and sought medical treatment.
13. Chinese centre for disease control and prevention, Venereal disease and AIDS control and prevention centre.
14. Objective To summarize the treatment and nursing of venereal neurosis.
15. To sicken for mental disorder, Hansen's disease, venereal disease, pulmonary tuberculosis or any other infectious disease and etc.
16. To prevent venereal, increased socioeconomy burden.
17. No recurrence of condyloma acuminata, venereal disease prevention network to provide a complete condyloma prevention programs.
18. The knowing rate of venereal disease route of transmission was 78.0%. The knowing rate of that venereal diseases may be spread by polluted bedding, closestool and turkish towel was 44.5%.
19. A lot of more undeniable venereal can cause infecund not Yo.
20. When he spoke of murder, suicide, venereal disease, amputated limbs, and altered faces(, it was with a faint air of persiflage.
21. Venereal and main it is urethritis of sex of gonococcus of syphilis, clap, blame, acerb bleb of wet wart, genital, soft chancre, AIDS.
22. Venereal disease, alcohol or drug addiction, megrims.
23. These sections do not cover wilfully self-inflicted illness or venereal disease.
24. It is not that thriving old specialty of single men and their intimates: venereal disease.
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25. Objective To investigate the infection rate and its charactor of herpes simplex virus(HSV)and other venereal disease in Herpes genitalis patients.
26. The causative organism is a bacterium called Treponema pertenue, a subspecies of Treponema pallidum that causes venereal syphilis. However, yaws is a non-venereal infection.
27. But the fingerpointing really goes wild when it comes to venereal disease.
28. Contraception facilitates nonmarital sex, and one method of contraception—the condom—because of its dual use as a preventive of venereal infection, facilitates homosexual sex.
29. This completely is stems from contraceptive and the prevention venereal diseases consideration.
30. Objective To study the relation between the etiology of postgonorrhea syndrome and venereal nosophobia.
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