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Vegetal in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2017-02-17
Similar words: vegetablevegetationvegetarianvegetativemetallet aloneget alongget along withMeaning: ['vedʒɪtl] adj. 1. (of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes 2. composed of vegetation or plants. random good picture
1. It is as if the vegetal cells have set up a new boundary region for specifying positional information.
2. Ingredients: vegetal botulinum, rice germ oil, HA, vitamin C, collagen.
3. The vegetal facade is planted in the ground.
4. Contains vegetal active soothing factor , linseed , vegetal anti - freezing compound, allantoin, cornflower & so on.
5. Functions: it contains protein fiber, natural aloe moisturizer, vegetal protective glue, protein gene, purified water.
6. Ingredients: allantoin, vegetal bacteriolytic - enzyme, glycolic acid, citric acid.
7. The product contains such natural vegetal essences as tea tree essence, aloe, chamomile and hamamelis etc.
8. Contains spirea, burdock root essence, vegetal deep purifying agent, moisturizing factor & so on.
9. Vegetal Tasting term used to describe a vegetable like aroma. Usually pejorative.
10. Includes: cleansing, vegetal peeling , eyebrow shaping , pore cleansing , neck and facial massage,( mask.
11. Nose : Subtle winy nose with slightly woody, vegetal and pepper notes.
12. Leafy: Describes the slightly herbaceous , vegetal quality reminiscent of leaves.
13. Vegetal Tasting term used to describe a vegetable like aroma.
14. Perfume Notes: top: pink peppercorn, mandarin essence; heart: osmanthus absolute, rose leaves, honey; base: Indonesian patchouli, cistus (vegetal amber), benzoin, tonka.
15. The standard experiment to demonstrate the inductive signal from the vegetal region makes use of the animal cap.
16. For muscle development an inductive signal must pass from the vegetal region.
17. The detailed results of this study were as follows:1. Seven vegetal substance's bioactivity to Blattella germanica was validated.
18. It contains blackhead - cleaning elements, Vitamin C and vegetal compact essence.
19. Almond blossom and floral notes of camomile on a vegetal background.
20. However[], many people who are unaccustomed to green tea find its vegetal flavor difficult to drink.
21. Back when I was a more finicky diner , cauliflower hardly made it onto my vegetal horizon.
22. The antioxidative activity of the coarse pigment to animal (lard) and vegetal (rapeseed oil) lipin was measured casing cooking oil and the PVC stable cryoscope .
23. The concentrated tea polyphenol in green tea is a kind of pure vegetal anti-oxidation molecules, which can reduce harm from free radical to sustentacular fibers.
24. Ingredients: olive leaves extract, snow lotus essence , misaiya purete, lavender, gingko essence, deep sea vegetal essence.
25. Main Ingredients: deionized water, collagen active albumen peptide, multiple cell-repairing factor, biological humectant, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and vegetal amino acid.
26. Main Ingredients: levorotatory VC essence , VE , collagen, lecithin, hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, vegetal extract etc.
27. Offering a very delicate scent of green apple, rich in citrus fruit and vegetal notes.
28. This article analyzed the techniques by trying to combine the calcareous inorganic adhesive with crude vegetal flaxen fibred and necessary materials in the progress of making artificial board.
29. In winter and spring, they were polyphagia and their food were mainly earthworm, insect, vegetal leaf and humanity discarded food.
30. Palate characterised by healthy tannins from the fruit and the vegetal nuances typical of variety.
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