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Ulcerative in a sentence

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Similar words: ulcerateoperativeimperativeiterativecooperativeinoperativevituperativeuncooperativeMeaning: adj. of or relating to or characterized by ulceration. random good picture
1. In contrast, only epithelial cells from ulcerative colitis showed an appreciable increase after calcium ionophore induction.
2. Ulcerative colitis patients Nineteen patients with ulcerative colitis undergoing colectomy were also studied.
3. Thirty patients had coexisting ulcerative colitis, including three who had previously undergone colectomy and one who discontinued treatment after three months.
4. Ulcerative colitis may present with anaemia when bowel symptoms are mild or ignored.
5. One hundred and twenty ulcerative colitis patients, 105 Crohn's disease patients and 49 controls were studied.
6. Twelve patients with ulcerative colitis had mild, 19 moderate, and 10 severe attacks.
7. Assessment of intestinal permeability in ulcerative colitis after the ingestion of various markers has yielded conflicting results.
8. Thus a considerable number of cases of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are sporadic or non-genetic.
9. The strong association between colorectal dysplasia and cancer in ulcerative colitis was described in 1967.
10. The vascular endothelium seems to produce superoxide in the inflamed mucosa, which would exacerbate tissue injury in ulcerative colitis.
11. All patients underwent colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy before study entry to confirm the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.
12. It has been further postulated that pouchitis represents a recurrence of ulcerative colitis in reservoirs with colonic metaplasia.
13. Corticosteroid drugs are the most effective and widely used treatment for acute relapse of ulcerative colitis.
14. An alternative might be interference with bacterial adhesion by pathogenic Escherichia coli, which have abnormal adherence in ulcerative colitis.
15. Several studies have shown the efficacy of 6-mercaptopurine and azathioprine in the treatment of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
16. All patients with sclerosing cholangitis and positive tests for anti-lactoferrin had ulcerative colitis.
17. Three studies on regional intestinal permeability in patients with ulcerative colitis have been published.
18. Bismuth enemas may offer a new therapeutic option in distal ulcerative colitis.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. Circulating anticolon antibodies have been found in serum samples from patients with ulcerative colitis.
20. In this study we have examined both benign and malignant colorectal strictures in ulcerative colitis and have compared their features.
21. Thus it should not be assumed that older patients with ulcerative colitis have weaker sphincters than younger patients.
22. The presence of perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in unaffected family members of ulcerative colitis patients favours this view.
23. Serum concentration of interleukin-6 are also raised in active Crohn's disease but surprisingly not in ulcerative colitis.
24. Immunological abnormalities are generally accepted to be involved in the pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis.
25. Activated macrophages are prominent in the inflammatory infiltrate in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
26. Powell-Tuck etal measured whole body protein metabolism in 19 patients with ulcerative colitis, while they were receiving enteral or intravenous nutrition.
27. We showed that luminol enhanced chemiluminescence from colonic mucosa biopsy specimens is increased in patients with ulcerative colitis.
28. These data would argue against a pathogenic role for E coli in ulcerative colitis.
29. Further investigations are needed to determine if also this aberration is specific for ulcerative colitis.
30. In the remaining seven patients the diagnosis was made after colectomy and synchronous pouch formation despite preoperative endoscopic biopsies suggesting ulcerative colitis.
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